Gents Of London Discovery Set Review

Gents Of London Discovery Set Review

A man’s hair can be crucial to their appearance and, in many cases, is their entire identity, so it is essential to choose the correct products to ensure you can style your hair effectively. In my latest blog post review, I take a look at the discovery set from Gents Of London; click through to find out more.

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The Gents Of London brand started its life way back in 2014 in a popular London barbershop which offered fantastic barbering skills in a well-designed, classically furnished environment amidst banging music and coffee on tap. From these early beginnings, the evolution to hair care products just made perfect sense – using other company products for years, the founders just knew exactly what works and what doesn’t, so they were able to create a range built from a hairstylist perspective.

For my review, I will look at their discovery set, which showcases a wide range of products, so I can get a complete picture of what the brand offers.


The Jars offer the bulk of the items from Gents Of London, excellent round tins of joy for your hair, available in three varieties (all packaged within a 75g metal tin).

Carbon Clay – the matte clay is an indispensable weapon in your hairstyle arsenal, offering a medium and textured hold, which is re-workable, so you can re-style your hair as necessary (unlike other products that you basically get one shot!). The product contains a mix of beeswax and Koalin Clay (hence the name), ideal for men with short or medium-length hair, and has the ultimate masculine scent of rugged musk.

Shaper – This styling wax boasts a long-lasting hold, and you can easily see why it is the signature product in their collection. Additionally, it is low-shine when applied to healthy hair and allows you to create some truly magnificent hairstyle masterpieces. The Shaper finishes with a fantastic Fresh Tonic scent for that added touch of masculinity.

Tek Cream – The Gents cream is an exciting alternative to standard hair gels, which are vegan-friendly and grease-free (which can often be a nightmare to get off your hands). The Tek Cream is notably free of any colourants and parabens. This jar offers possibly the most striking of scents, thanks to its mix of lime and ginger included in the ingredients.

Sea Salt Spray

This spray is one of my favourite pieces in the discovery set; adding a few pumps into your hand and mixing it into the hair during blow-drying will create an incredible amount of volume and lift to your barnet – even fine hair will benefit from this extra boost of thickness. Once added, you are free to play with your hair and run your fingers through at will without fear of any unwanted residue or ruining your hairdo. The package is completed with a fabulous spiced mandarine fragrance (almost good enough to eat!).

Fixer Hairspray

As you can imagine, the hairspray allows you to keep and hold your hairstyle creation with ease all day long – defending against bad weather (wind and rain are notorious enemies of good hairstyles!) and even unwanted encounters for those who can’t keep their hands off your soft looking mane. The Fixer scent is a bold concoction of ginger and lime, a delight to the senses.

Body & Soul Bar

Finally, we have a modern upgrade to the humble soap bar – triple-milled with a Vintage Green Tea Fragrance that includes a glorious touch of shea butter. Its construction even defeats rival shower gel bottles, as it can last up to 40% longer (an amazing accomplishment). It also has been manufactured with 100% plastic-free ingredients (even the wrapper is biodegradable).

Value For Money

So many brands have dipped their toes into the grooming niche – as such, the retail prices can vary wildly (especially if you head into the fashion designer market section) – however, Gents Of London offers their (barbershop approved!) collection for a very reasonable price that will not break the bank.


The packaging is suitably chic, solid black, albeit with the company logo printed along the top – even the internal walls and cushioning tissue paper opt for this darkest of shades.

Each of their items is bathed in complementary black and silver (with white text) for an exemplary design, something that would sit in pride of place in your bathroom (likewise, it would look equally fantastic in a salon or hair studio).


After my time using the Gents Of London Discovery Set, I can honestly say I am blown away! The quality of the contents is second to none (especially the amazing Sea Salt Spray – big fan!), and all at a more than reasonable price point. The design work is fantastic, too, looking both contemporary and traditional at the same time. If you are searching for a new brand to keep your hair looking on point, check out this new London-based brand – you will not be disappointed.

What are your thoughts about this hair care brand? After checking out my review, will you switch from your current grooming products? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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*Partnership with Gents Of London / Opinions are my own.


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