ANGLE Black Friday 2023 Gift Guide

ANGLE Black Friday 2023 Gift Guide

Black Friday will soon be upon us, renowned for being the sale extravaganza of the year! In my latest blog post, I will list a few key pieces from premium grooming brand ANGLE, preparing yourself for that big weekend discount! Continue reading to find out more.

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Black Friday is a colossal calendar event for consumers and businesses alike – many often hold out till the end of November for big purchases, hoping for that illustrious discount on high-end items! Many retailers even begin offering discounts and deals as soon as we hit November to catch as many sales as possible.

ANGLE is a premium brand offering innovative products and exceptional craftsmanship (I reviewed their flagship razor previously to much acclaim), and they will be offering 30% OFF their entire collection. The huge discount will be active only during this week (the offer expires on 26th November). Here is a selection of their top items in the following checklist.

Angle Razor

The Angle Razor is undoubtedly the flagship product in the collection – visually striking and designed with precision in mind. The razor has been meticulously constructed to provide a perfect and smooth shave every time (with no fear of unwanted skin irritation or poor results). The razor has been manufactured using the best aluminium materials on the market, and the whole package is stored in a modern, understated gift box – ideal as a present to yourself or a loved one.

Brush & Bowl

The Brush & Bowl combo is suitably premium, featuring a cast aluminium bowl (with a handy holder to allow the brush to air-dry) and a super soft bristles brush to allow you to lather your face with cream in total luxury. This Brush & Bowl set makes the ultimate shaving kit when paired with the Angle Razor.

Allbody Razor

The Allbody Razor allows you to keep looking neat and trim all over within a stylish little package – the razor is crafted using solid black or ultra-glam champagne gold (I personally favour the latter). The razor includes a “Look Sharp” recycling tin and a minimalistic-looking presentation box (ideal as a gift for a loved one).

Gift Sets

The ANGLE brand offers a variety of diverse sets, combining their products in different packages depending on what you are looking for. Razor, Brush & Bowl, blades, soaps, and more are all covered.

ANGLE is committed to sustainable, ethical practices across its products. The Angle collection is designed to last a lifetime. Unlike disposables that create unnecessary waste, ANGLE embraces a greener grooming routine that will reduce your environmental footprint while enjoying a superior shaving experience.

Will you grab any of these products in the Black Friday weekend sale? Let me know in the comments section below.

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