Steptronic Merton Chelsea Boots Review

Steptronic Merton Chelsea Boots Review

Men’s Chelsea Boots are something every man needs in his wardrobe, with a style that is nothing short of timeless. In my latest fashion blog review, I cast my gaze across a pair from the latest Steptronic Shoes Collection – click to read more.

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Steptronic Footwear is a brand that has been around for many years, establishing itself in the UK and beyond. They have gained a legion of fans and followers over the years since their inception, thanks to their mission to create the most comfortable shoes that are stylish, fashionable and ethical. With years of experience under its belt, the brand has ensured this high level of comfort by using a number of key features, including sheepskin lining, leather-hinged insoles with a wider fit, and a memory foam sock, all held together within a sustainable quality leather frame.

Style & Design

Chelsea Boots are a style that transcends fashions and current trends, originally designed in the mid-1800s in Victorian England and have been loved and admired ever since. The Steptronic variants feature a sleek and shiny leather that just oozes class and luxury from every stitch – the gusset uses a dark brown colour, which creates a striking contrasting effect against the tan leather (the heel and sole also opt for this darker tint). The material just below the gusset includes a novel dotted stitched design, which adds a unique aesthetic to the overall structure.

When viewed from a side profile (either sitting proudly on your shoe rack or glancing in a mirror), you will instantly be impressed by the striking silhouette these boots provide.

Wearability & Comfort

You can pair Tan Chelsea Boots with virtually any outfit you choose that day, their hue complementing almost any colour palette (perhaps we should dismiss day-go yellows and pinks!). Whether it is formal attire during those summer evenings, paired with light-weight trousers and a linen shirt or when the temperature drops during those cold winter days worn with warm coats, hats and scarves – however, the ultimate season is undoubtedly Autumn, when the trees and leaves morph into those beautiful oranges, yellows and reds which is when your new tan boots will really come into play (especially, when styled with a beige overcoat and chunky knit).

Steptronic has a major goal – to ensure their footwear is comfortable all day long (I, myself, have suffered from the perils of shoes and boots that caused severe pain after only a few hours – designer brands take note!), which is a welcomed principle in this day and age.

After wearing the boots for an extensive amount of time, there is no question that the brand lives up to its claims; they are super comfy, with no hint of any rubbing or discomfort—noteworthy brownie points in this category from me.


For sizing, I opted for my standard size of a UK 8, which was a great choice – they slipped on easily (and, as mentioned in the previous section), were a joy to wear. While walking, the boots held snugly onto my feet and did not slip; they almost felt like they were made to measure to my specifications.


The box for the shoes was certainly something different to the norm, brown in colour with the brand name printed onto the top. The lid opens using a flap system and actually folds down towards you. Inside, you will discover your boots protected by a large amount of monogram-branded soft-tissue paper and a dust bag for extra defence against unwanted damage.

Value For Money

The price point of the Steptronic range is very competitive in the market, sitting around the £100 mark, but with the quality (and comfort levels!) on offer, this is more than reasonable. You can already tell that they will be in tip-top shape for many years (even years, if looked after with care).


If you want to upgrade your footwear collection with a brand new pair of tan Chelsea Boots, check out this latest release from Steptronic – you will encounter a fantastic design, ultra comfort levels, superior construction and all at a great price point! They get top marks from me; be sure to add a pair to your wardrobe this season.

Are you a fan of these fantastic-looking boots? Will you be adding a pair to your ensemble? Let me know in the comments section below, or feel free to message me via email or social media.

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