Tips For Men Wanting Try Make Up For The First Time

Tips For Men Wanting Try Make Up For The First Time

Makeup for men is seemingly a new trend (with some brands popping up dedicated solely to the male population); however, looking back through history proves otherwise. Men used to add powder to their faces, and actors and even musicians have regularly worn makeup during filming or at a gig. In my latest article, I look further into the world of male makeup.

If you are new to wearing makeup, you may be unsure how to begin or what product is suitable for you and your skin. You may only want to start it subtly, opting for a touch of foundation if you have an important event or even an upcoming TV appearance, or maybe just to accentuate your features and bring out the structure of your face.

Fortunately, in the world we live in today, almost anything is possible, and practices and ideas that were once frowned upon (or even ridiculed) are now considered acceptable and the norm – after all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. The next portion of this article will focus on offering a variety of tips that will help you on your makeup journey.

Choose Quality Products

If it is your first time as a man using makeup, then it is crucial you start with quality products – they will be more effective (and give you the confidence boost from the very beginning) but will also be gentler on your skin. Begin by choosing makeup products created specifically for the male market or instead from one of the popular big-name brands that are well-known for its high-quality range.

One choice would be THE ICONIC range from Clinique which would be a great place to start on your path to wearing makeup. The popular brand also offers a selection of cleansing products, including a quality moisturiser that will provide a good clean base for applying your makeup; this moves nicely onto the next category.

Care For Your Skin

Starting with a good skincare regime will ensure that your skin is hydrated, moisturised, and free of any impurities, making the perfect starting canvas that is smooth and clean for when you apply your makeup. If your skin is not looked after how it should, then makeup can often settle into wrinkles or fine lines, which in turn can make your skin look older than it is and even have the reverse effect of making any skin problems you have to stand out.

Caring for your skin on a daily basis will help to reduce breakouts and skin irritation. Some products contain ingredients your body is allergic to, which can cause your skin to flare up further (so remember to check the properties on the labels before a purchase). Creating a great skincare routine for yourself can help slow the ageing process and promote a youthful appearance, which is invaluable.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Skin tones can vary from darker, olive, or pale, so selecting a makeup range that matches is vital; once you have narrowed this down, everything else will fall into place. Once your colour palette is on point, your makeup will have a barely there appearance to the untrained eye but will also accentuate your natural features rather than appear too heavy and noticeable.

After some practice, applying makeup will become second nature, and you will know what works for you and what doesn’t, giving you a new boost in your confidence.

Hopefully, these tips for guys will allow you to move forward into the makeup sector with ease (soon, you will be grabbing your partner’s own cosmetic stash to use on your own face!). If you have any thoughts on my latest post, I would love to hear them in the comments or even in a personal message.


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