Liomen Anti-Aging Night Cream Review

Liomen Anti-Aging Night Cream Review

Skincare for men is an essential daily ritual helping us to stay younger looking for as long as possible, and thanks to products like the Liomen Anti-Aging Night Cream, that is made even easier. In my latest review, I report my findings after a four months course.

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Liomen is a relatively new entry into the skincare market for men (which has been gaining popularity in recent years, with many competitors.), with only the night cream available so far. The brand is outspoken about the benefits of its product, boasting that they have the most scientifically advanced anti-aging cream on the market – now, with a bold statement like that, it needs to be tested to see if it lives up to the claims.

The product contains various ingredients (many of which differ from their rivals) that aim to benefit your body in three key ways.

  • Instant Hydration – Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Firming & Lifting – Vitamin E (amongst an abundance of natural ingredients).
  • Brighter & Smoother – Retinol, Collagen.

This combined package of different ingredients and nutrients combines many benefits from a medical background and nature. Retinol, for example, has long been studied, and many scientists have proved it can reverse skin aging, sun damage and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen is also a vital element for skincare that naturally keeps the skin strong and firm, yet as men reach the age of 40, it is estimated they may have lost up to 30% of their natural collagen.

For the purpose of my review, I opted for the 4-month package (currently, the brand offers four bottles for the price of three) to get a good feel for the skin care product and the overall sense of the benefits.


For those of us who want a simple system (especially regarding a men’s grooming regime), the Liomen package is ideal. Before bed, take the bottle and squeeze between 1-3 pumps onto your hand, massage gently into your freshly clean face and neck, and you are done – that’s it! Then it’s a case of continuing the process and awaiting the results. According to Liomen, it is a night-time product because the effect of the sun and UV rays throughout the day can reduce the impact of the Retagen-X formula. Additionally, your body naturally repairs itself at night, so the extra nutrients from the Liomen face cream will help boost your skin’s cell growth.


The subscription packaging arrives in a simple box containing small bottles, which feature a minimal design yet look effective and eye-catching. Solid white, besides a bold black text and an undeniably cool logo (based around a lion head), completes the design. Overall, you will be more than happy to have these bottles sitting amongst the rest of your grooming products.


Once I began to use the Liomen Anti-Aging Night Cream, I was a little uncertain of the effects suggested by the results surrounding the brand and the accompanying testimonials (my skepticism stems from being stung in the past). However, thankfully my doubt was unfounded, and the results were fantastic! In less than a week, I noticed massive improvements across my face. Everything just looked a lot tighter and firmer (the softness gained in the last few years was seemingly reversing); additionally, the colour of my skin began to take on a younger and more healthy appearance (less red and blotchy and more warm and inviting).

The brand states that your jawline can be lifted and given a contoured appearance; however, thanks to my beard, I could not see a drastic improvement (at least not when my beard is full), but after a fresh shave (when my beard is trimmed down much closer to my skin) I could definitely see a sharper edge to my face shape too.

One key point is my wrinkles (notably my heavy crow’s feet by my eyes), and I’m happy to report that after the first month of using the cream, they, too, were starting to appear less defined and profound. I would even go as far as to say the area around my eyes had a softer look. This point alone is enough for me to wholeheartedly recommend the Liomen skincare range.

I will continue to use the subscription package for the near future (at the very least), and I am looking forward to seeing the results after another month or two.

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*Partnership with Liomen / Opinions are my own.

Value For Money

Grooming and skincare products can range in cost dramatically – some can be grabbed at a budget price from supermarkets, whereas others can sit in the hundreds, giving varied results depending on various factors. The Liomen cream sits firmly in the middle bracket, and you can get fantastic savings (especially if you purchase the 4-month package) – combined with the knowledge that it gives excellent anti-aging results in a short amount of time! (Which could be considered priceless!).


Aging is something that many of us worry about, and the fight to stay younger is very real. Thanks to the Liomen Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream, we have a new weapon to wield in the battle against getting older, offering outstanding results, ease of use, stylishly minimal packaging, and a very reasonable price point – 100% supported by me! Give it a try; you will not be disappointed.


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