Choosing The Right Dentist To Maintain Your Smile

Choosing The Right Dentist To Maintain Your Smile

As a fashionable man, you will appreciate the value of a winning smile. As such, selecting the right dentist to help you look after your teeth is crucial. In my new article, I will offer various points to consider during your search. Carry on to find out more.

When I was younger, I had work done on my teeth by having a brace installed (it was an uncomfortable time period that lasted around 18 months in total). I am happy I went through with the procedure, as it re-positioned almost all my teeth (even if they are still imperfect!). So, I know the importance of looking after your teeth, regularly brushing them, and keeping up with dental appointments.

Having a reliable dentist is essential. They can play a significant role in helping you maintain oral health and also determine and fix any problems that may arise. In the following few points, I will look at the different important factors to keep that perfect smile (after all, it is the best accessory for that stylish outfit!). 

Understanding Your Needs

As a starting point, create a unique profile before you search for a dentist. Will you need cleaning and a general check-up, or are you looking to fix any issues, such as sensitive teeth or even gingivitis? Some dentists specialise in unique fields, which will help make your choice easier, especially if you currently have an oral health issue.

Research And Recommendations

Asking friends, family, and colleagues is a great start, as word-of-mouth recommendations can be much more valuable as they are ‘real-life’ opinions from people you personally know and trust. Alternatively, hit the computer and consult with famous health centres and specific practitioners and research reviews and Google ratings. Once you have found a potential dental clinic for your needs, you can scope out further by checking out images from clients showcasing the quality of their dental work.

Experience And Credentials

Once you have narrowed down a list of dentists, spend time browsing their online profiles to establish if they are suitable for your requirements and ensure they hold a valid practising license in your country. This detailed information is readily available from the dental board. You can also ask several relevant questions about their education, NASC certificates, and any areas they specialise in. Likewise, it is crucial to discover the dentist’s experience and how long they have been in the field. Often, insurance companies may prefer senior dentists as they are considered more proficient for complicated operations or unique and rare conditions.

Location And Hours

Always consider the working hours for any dentist and one closer to home (or your place of work) – this added convenience is beneficial as it can make scheduling appointments easier, especially in an emergency when you need to rush out of the office! If you can find a dental practice that opens over the weekend, then that can be even better! (Although, in my experience, that is challenging to find!). Sometimes, you may have to travel further afield to find the perfect clinic for you (in the UK, many specialists are based in the capital).

Technology And Treatment Options

The dental industry constantly advances with new technology, helping patients needing specialised treatments. When looking for a new practice, ask questions about what type of tools they use, such as whether they offer digital pictures, intra-oral cameras, or laser treatments in-house. Dentists who use modern tech will be able to diagnose you much more accurately and effectively, boasting less invasive treatments, too. Always check out the area of treatment and different services your potential new dentist can provide.

Communication And Comfort

A friendly team at the dental practice is crucial; making patients feel comfortable and relaxed during each visit (from a check-up to a more in-depth appointment) can make the process much easier, even if you fear dentists. All healthcare staff members should be willing to listen to you, consider all of your questions and concerns, explain the treatment in layman’s terms, and even take your complaints on board. A pleasant environment with homely decor at the surgery can make you feel comfortable, lowering your guard and calming your nerves.

Cost And Insurance

If you live in the UK, you can opt for NHS treatment (if you can find one!), which is offered at a discounted rate. However, you can go private (for a higher fee), and you often get a much better experience. Ask the clinic about their fee structure for standard procedures and if they offer instalment plans (for higher-cost treatments). Additionally, if you have an insurance scheme, find out if this new dentist allows that option.

Making Your Decision

After you have combined all the information, you can consider each aspect and make a well-thought-out decision. Narrow it down to one or two dentists, then ask for a consultation to finally meet the team, observe the office and treatment room and ask any additional questions you may have.

I have seen several dentists over the years, and some have been less than friendly (it can be an issue, as you worry about seeing them at your next appointment!).

You need to feel confident in discussing everything and not feel worried about voicing your concerns (it is your body and health, after all). You need to trust your chosen dentist and have a great relationship with them, which is essential for a comfortable experience during each appointment.


Going through the key points in the latest article will ensure you get a dentist who suits your every need and takes you on a safe and happy journey to good teeth and that perfect smile – after all, it is undoubtedly the finest commodity you can add to any outfit in your wardrobe, no matter the season or what trend is currently in vogue.

What do you think of my latest lifestyle-based article? Will you take the tips on board while searching for a new dental surgery? Let me know in the comments below.


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