Blackburn Shades Orion Sunglasses Review

Blackburn Shades Orion Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses are undoubtedly the ultimate accessory for summer and beyond (I often rock them during the cooler seasons, too). In my latest blog post review, I will check out a pair from the new collection from Blackburn Shades. Continue reading to find out more.

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Blackburn only launched in March 2023, and they have already made their mark in the market thanks to an eye-catching (pun intended) collection of unisex pieces. Each pair is lovingly designed in sunny California, then crafted in Italy by experts who only use the highest quality materials available. Unlike many competitors in this sector, the Blackburn brand offers a wide range of pairs that will suit any face (regardless of shape) and be comfortable to wear all day too!

Eco-friendliness is crucial in this day and age. Blackburn has ensured that a staggering 2% of sales go towards initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and help more people access energy-conscious solar panels.

The brand has launched seven different designs, each offering multiple colourways (for both frames and lenses). For this review, I selected the classically inspired Orion Aviators in Copperhead.

Design & Style

Blackburn Shades have imbued the classic aviator with their magical touch, creating a truly marvellous pair of sunglasses. The Orion is available in three different colourways – Skyborne (silver), Emerald City (green), and Copperhead (bronze). Each variation is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes.

The frames are built in a slightly oversized style with mirrored lenses and a double bridge for that touch of a retro vibe when worn (think 70s celeb at the poolside). If you want to make a fashion statement with your eyewear, these shades will turn a few heads!


Aviators are one of the most timeless pairs of sunglasses money can buy (my go-to style, which I have worn in numerous different outfits over the years, just like this one – click here).

While other shade styles can be a hit or miss (especially on me!), aviators perfectly suit any face shape and head size. The design can accompany any outfit, from a smart-suited ensemble to a casual shorts and tee look by the beach, which accounts for their never-ending popularity.

The combo of a bronze-coloured frame and the matching lenses is ideal for those sunny days and warm evenings, paired with beiges, creams, and white, but also, even in the autumn seasons (and those occasionally sunny days), it will pair well with your orange and brown ensembles.


Each pair of shades is manufactured in Italy (where almost all designer sunglasses hail from), and the quality is apparent as soon as you hold them in your hands. The base material for the frame is stainless steel, and the lenses themselves boast 100% UV 400 Protection, ensuring your eyes are safe during your holiday excursion.


Special mention must go to the packaging – the box is a solid brown cardboard featuring a spot-varnish monogram effect, and the logo uses a foiling design that really stands out. Within this outer package, the shades are kept nice and safe inside a tan leather sleeve (complete with cloth).

Even the internal print of the box has been meticulously designed, with a chocolate brown and complimentary pale blue pattern which is a nice final touch.

Value For Money

Each pair sits at a very reasonable $89 (at the time of writing), which compared to many of the admittedly overpriced competition pairs on the market, is a bargain, especially compared with the high quality on offer.


If you are on the hunt for a brand new pair of sunglasses yet are looking for something a little different from the typical massed-produced range on the shelves, then check out Blackburn Shades – striking designs, beautiful colour options, quality construction, impressive packaging and all at a great price point! Overall, highly recommended!

What are your thoughts on this new eye-wear brand? Are you a fan of their styles and designs? I am Looking forward to hearing your opinions and thoughts below.

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