How To Keep Yourself Looking Good As A Fashionable Man

How To Keep Yourself Looking Good As A Fashionable Man

It can be difficult to ensure we look good in a busy modern world – from clothes, grooming regimes, and even hair. In my latest article, I look at a few ways to keep on top and always look our best.

Ensuring our appearance is on point is essential for every gent, yet thanks to a hectic lifestyle, it can be easily overlooked. However, there are so many ways we can keep ourselves looking good – in the following steps, I suggest a few ways to ensure we will turn a few heads.


The old saying goes, “Clothes maketh the man,” which was first coined in the 15th century and has never been truer – if your attire is on point, everything else will fall into place. Choose clothes that fit your aesthetic, and you will always look great. If you are a businessman, formal style is your forte, such as three-piece suits and smart shoes, or if street style is your thing, then a cool hoodie, skinny jeans, and designer sneakers will be your go-to. No matter your favourite niche, if your clothes are new, fresh, and laundered, you will be more than prepared to hit the ground running.


A smile can be all it takes to make a difference in everyone’s day; however, not everyone is born with great teeth. If you fall into this category, not all is lost. You can easily get your teeth up to standard by a local professional dentist, or even if you need to travel further afield for better healthcare across the pond to the USA at an orthodontist in Washington DC (well known for excellent dentistry) to help you fix crooked teeth (I myself wore braces as a teenager). Once you have teeth you are proud of, you will be cracking a smile in every photograph.


Having great hair can make you look much younger; even an upgraded modern cut and style can drop years off your age. If you are starting to show shades of grey, you can easily add some colour with a simple dye (just remember to top up each month). If you have unfortunate genes and start to show signs of male pattern baldness, do not fear; you can opt for hair loss treatments or even a hair transplant, which is now more common than ever.


A great skin regime is essential to make sure you look great. Start with a typical face wash and moisturiser, and you will see remarkable improvements very quickly! It will improve your complexion and protect against environmental damage and even the sun’s harsh rays.


Hitting the gym is another fantastic way to keep yourself looking good – whether you aim to hit it hard with weight training or want to keep yourself looking trim with a bout of cardio, then a regular fitness program is vital.


Armed with these suggestions, you can be sure that you will keep yourself visually attractive and stylish – be sure to keep up with the changes to your lifestyle, and even the tides of time will not stop you from looking good.


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