How To Stay Active With A Busy Lifestyle

How To Stay Active With A Busy Lifestyle

It is essential for fashionable men to keep up with an exercise regime to look good and stay healthy; however, life can inevitably become busy, so it can be difficult to make the necessary time. In my latest lifestyle article, I offer advice on how to incorporate workouts into even the busiest of days. Continue reading to find out more.

Regular fitness can keep you looking younger, often shaving years off your age and appearance (crucial if you take pride in your looks and style). With this list of strategies, I aim to help assist you in your fitness journey, no matter how frantic life becomes.

Morning Exercise

Beginning each day with a quick workout is great to create a positive outlook for the day ahead. You can easily set your alarm a little earlier to ensure you have extra time for physical activity – short runs (either through the streets or using an exercise bike), home workouts, or even yoga. Even if you can spare just an extra 10 minutes of exercise in the morning, you will see a huge difference in your focus, energy levels, and overall health.

Lunchtime Sessions

Understandably, not everyone is a morning person (such as my partner!), so instead, utilise your lunch break for an impromptu exercise session. Remember to pre-pack your workout gear the night before, helping with your commitment and motivation. As soon as your lunch break starts, do not waste any time and use those 30 minutes (or hour, depending on your workplace limit) to head to the nearby gym, a brisk walk around the block, or even perform some bodyweight exercises (a mid-day training regime will help to break up your day, and also boost your productivity levels too).

Even if you use most of your break to exercise, do not forget to consume your lunch – eat once finished, as it is recommended to consume a mix of protein and carbs between 30-60 minutes after your session to help with muscle growth.

Evening Workout

Another option is to plan to work out during the evening (I used to exercise each day as soon as I got home). You can easily turn areas of your living quarters into a fitness space, ready to use whenever you have free time (and no issue with others jumping on the machinery you are ready to use). There are almost endless home gym equipment options available if you shop around – iron weights along with a bench is a great starting point. Additionally, can keep your routine fresh by checking online (YouTube is a good shout) for different workout routines.

Late evening activities can help you to destress after a busy day in the office with the added benefit of promoting better sleep too – however, try not to go overboard as it could have the negative impact of keeping your mind overactive, in turn stopping you from falling asleep.


In the modern world we live in, multitasking is a valuable skill that can help in many ways, especially with staying fit. Use your creative mind to incorporate your exercise regime into your busy schedule – complete tasks on your phone in between workout sets, or if stuck in the office on business calls, keep active by pacing around the room rather than sitting dormant in your chair.

Additionally, during your daily commute, forgo typical car transport in favour of biking or even walking and use stairs rather than an elevator at your workplace. These tips alone will help keep you extra active with a minor (but not overall insignificant boost) to your fitness lifestyle.


It can be tricky to fit exercise into your busy day, yet with some simple planning strategies in place, you can easily stay active and keep yourself younger, fitter, and looking great in your new fashionable outfits. Just remember to keep your health a priority, and you will be golden.


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