Isle Of Arran Photoshoot With Helm Boots

Isle Of Arran Photoshoot With Helm Boots

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the Scottish Isle of Arran to create some amazing content using the latest footwear collection from Helm Boots. Continue reading to find out more.

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I have featured Helm Boots several times over the last few months, showcasing their different footwear items. They recently began building up to the release of a new addition to their range, The Arran, which was three styles of classic Brogue. The name was chosen because of the Scottish Island of the same name (and this was the starting point of how this adventure began).

I have a strong relationship with the team, and they know my beautiful partner, Eve of Finding Eden With Eve, who lives in Scotland and is coincidentally relatively close to Arran Island. So, they asked us to help them create some content on and around the island to coincide with the release of their new shoes.

Ferry Ride To Arran

The trip to the Isle was fraught with worry and concern, as the area was frequently on the receiving end of yellow weather warnings thanks to huge storms and strong winds (as such, I was keeping a close eye on the ferry reports!). Fortunately, on the day of our trip, the weather was more tame, and the sky was clear. Once we boarded the ferry (a surprisingly large boat), ordered coffee and found an area to sit and enjoy the ocean vista for the estimated 55-minute journey.

During the travel, we ventured above the deck to get a better view of the surroundings. You could see the islands quite clearly, especially Arran, with its striking mountainous appearance, which was only getting closer as we reached the dock.

Arrival At Arran

Once we docked, we disembarked from the vessel and stepped onto land, allowing us to marvel at the island’s beauty. First, we made our way to the hotel to drop off all of our belongings (which were many, thanks to the amount of clothes and accessories I packed for the content we needed to create).

After a short walk past the town and through the small country lanes (it must be worth mentioning that even the locals advise walking if close enough as the taxis are few and far between and largely unreliable!), we reached our hotel – however, that too was an interesting experience! We headed into the lobby area, and no one was to be found, no staff or guests …there was a number to call, but there was no answer. I even explored the hotel, but it was empty. All the room doors were open, and the beds were made but totally uninhabited. I was getting strong Marie Celeste vibes! Fortunately, other guests arrived, and after a short time of waiting, the owner finally appeared and checked us into our room (with very little in the way of an explanation of the abandoned hotel).

Once we were settled, the night was closing in, and it would be too dark to start taking photos and videos, so we took a short walk to the local shop (grabbing a few supplies and the local Arran Banner newspaper) and then headed back with the lapping waves to our right as the darkness fell.

Evening At Arran

We spent the night in the hotel bar and enjoyed some of the food (burger and chips for me and Macaroni and chips for Eve). Throughout the evening, we met various locals of Arran, sharing some of the culture and talking about the surrounding area. We even tried some locally brewed Arran Whiskey (10 years old), which was a delight. There was also a 35-year-old whiskey with a much higher cost, maybe one to try on our next visit!

In the morning, we woke early, ready for the day of content creation. After talking with the owners, they graciously let us use the inside areas of the hotel. We basically took over the (unused, as it was daytime) dining area to use as an ad hoc changing area for my outfits (complete with iron and board).


This was my first opportunity to try the Helm Arran Shoes on, and boy, was I surprised at just how comfy they are! They slipped onto my feet easily, and that special cushioning inside the shoe and the springy heel make for a truly fantastic experience when worn. Additionally, they look the part thanks to the superior style and design Helm has opted for. 

The indoor shots in this post were created inside the hotel using furniture as a backdrop, The Arran Banner Newspaper, and even 10-year-old whiskey for some shots/clips!

Helm Arran Black Shoes

For the first look, I dressed in a smarter style using a grey blazer, matching roll-neck jumper, and black skinny trousers to pair with the Helm Arran Shoes in black. I used the outside of the hotel for these shots, with the old architecture as a setting along with the bright sunny day creating a striking glow.

Helm Arran Burgundy Shoes

For the second look, I went all out with an entire head-to-toe ensemble, including navy trousers, a chunky grey knitted jumper, a navy tweed overcoat, and a matching navy flat cap with a contrasting light grey scarf. The Helm Shoes were the beautiful burgundy model, which perfectly paired with my outfit. Once all dressed up, we headed for our long trek to our chosen location.

We reached a sandy area close to the sea, showcasing the captivating mountainside vista with the sun beaming off the blue water. The location was ideal for photographing the burgundy shoe. We took many photos from different angles, including some sitting inside a local cabin. Once completed, we started walking back and used an impromptu little village wall for some extra shots (mountains in the background were a bonus).

Helm Arran Tan Shoes

Once back at the hotel, I changed into the final look using the tan Arran brogues, paired with skinny fit charcoal grey trousers, beige trenchcoat with matching scarf and flat cap (with sunglasses to complete the ensemble) – we headed back to the sea view, just in time for the golden hour which provided a lovely captivating hue for the images. We found a different area, which showed much more of the ocean yet still allowed us to view the other side of the island. Once the images were taken, we used the Douglas Hotel for the final few shots of this outfit, using the striking architecture as the visuals beyond.

After another evening of enjoying the local cuisine and drinks in the hotel bar (along with some additional colourful stories from the locals), we headed to bed to rest, ready for the journey home the next day.

Journey Home

After we grabbed all of our belongings (of which there were many, and mostly mine!), we headed back to the coast to board the vessel home. Once on board, we found our place to sit and ordered coffee again (the server remembered me, and I showed him the shoes I was still wearing from the last shoot). After the hour-long journey, we finally reached the Scottish shore, disembarked, and headed home.

It was definitely an enjoyable experience, and the shoes themselves are fantastic to look at and wear – even the long walk back across the Isle Of Arran at the end, plus the boat ride, the brogues provided a fantastic level of comfort for my feet. If you are looking for a flash new pair of formal shoes that offer a massive comfort boost, then check out the Helm Arran shoes. You will not be disappointed.


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