Innosupps Supercharged Male Stack Review

Innosupps Supercharged Male Stack Review

Supplements for men are often a necessary addition when it comes to health and wellbeing – Innosupps is offering a Supercharged Male Stack package which promises to boost performance in the gym and also the bedroom; this collection is what I will be taking a look at in my newest review!

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Almost every man will need a bit of “help” both in the gym and in the bedroom, perhaps overworked and tired, life stress or even age may be a factor. Fortunately, Innosupps is offering to combat any of these ill-effects with their current “triple threat” performance product package, including T-Drive, Nitro Wood, and Night Shred, which all offer different health boosts.

Innosupps is one of the leading brands in the nutritional supplement industry, focusing its range on total body health, well-being and muscle building and fat burning products. The company focus is to help people achieve their body goals, both physically and mentally. Notably, they partnered with Vitamin Angels, in which they donated six months of vitamins to women and children around the world (estimated to be an outstanding 100,000 in 2021!).

As we move on to the review, I will list each supplement benefits individually before focusing on my thoughts after using the products within my own regime.


The first item in the package is the natural testosterone booster, stimulating the growth of healthy hormone production in the body; this, in turn, gives extra energy and vitality, allowing you to push yourself further in the gym and the bedroom.

  • Boost Semen Volume and Fertility
  • Stimulate and Support Testosterone Production
  • Promote Overall Male Vitality
  • Effortlessly Increase Muscle Mass

Nitro Wood

The second part of the pack is a supplement that increases healthy blood flow and boosts your body’s immune system.

  • Increase Energy Levels with Nitric Oxide
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Sexual Dysfunction
  • Natural Immune Support

Night Shred

The final part of the collection is a product that boasts of improving your evening sleep. It is well known that your body recovers when resting, so this supplement is an ideal addition to the stack.

  • Sleep Deeper and Longer
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Enhance Overnight Muscle Recovery
  • Naturally Relieve Stress

I am always excited to try out new and different supplements on the road to a healthier body and happier mindset, so I was thrilled to try out the Innosupps Supercharged Male Stack. Many of the health benefits offered by the Supercharged Male Stack can be improved in my life, especially with my hectic lifestyle! So I tested out the supplements for an entire month to find out if there was any noticeable improvement or side effects!

Between a few days to a week, I started to notice a positive change. The first thing that hit me was a much deeper sleep than what I was used to (it’s no secret I often suffer from a touch of insomnia). Typically I just lay there overthinking, so my head hitting the pillow and drifting off fast was a welcome surprise!

Moving onto the second week and I most certainly observed an increased level of energy, I was able to keep going for longer in various aspects of my life. I know this is what the brand claimed; however, when it happens, it is undoubtedly unexpected when you are hit with that wave of extra energy!

By the end of the month trial, my overall daily life had improved drastically – better and deeper sleep, focused mind, and of course, I had what felt like endless extra tanks of fuel, giving me a massive amount of energy!


If you read through my review, you will already know how I will be rating the Innosupps Supercharged Male Stack pack. As stated above, the combination of higher energy levels, a clearer mindset and improved sleep makes for one heck of a great collection of supplements! The price point is more than competitive too! Give them a try if you are on the
lookout for this kind of improvement in your daily life.

Check Out The Full Innosupps Range Of Products Here

*Partnership with Innosupps / Opinions are my own.



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