Sons Brain Health Supplement Review

Sons Brain Health Supplement Review

Your brain is undoubtedly the single most crucial part of your body (even more so than your heart); it processes millions of functions all at once and makes you who you are – so, it makes sense to keep it healthy! In my following review, I find out more about the Brain Health Tablets from Sons.

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Following my Sons gut health supplements review (which certainly improved many aspects of my digestive system), I was keen to delve into their brain Health supplements. After reading more about the exciting health benefits, I couldn’t wait to find out just how they can help revitalise my brain health on a day to day basis.

The brain is a hugely complex system; everything we do with our body is thanks to the processes within our brain; sons believe that it is imperative to look after and nurture our brain and mind. So when they created this new brain supplement, they chose only the best and integral ingredients, all combined together to make the perfect package to keep your brain healthy. The bodies central nervous system, defined as the brain and spinal cord, communicates with all parts of your body, coordinating all aspects, including daily functions and even your mood and temperature. Your brain and spine work together to create a cohesive system that is the integral core of your whole body.

With all this in mind, it is imperative to keep your brain healthy and active – let us now move on to the review and find out precisely what the benefits are!


The packaging is similar to their gut health tablets, keeping their range uniform in design. The outer casing is a sleek grey tube with minimal branding (apart from a small logo and ingredients label). Inside the cylinder is a see-through plastic bottle which is dark brown in colour, typically standard for supplements. Overall, the package is simple yet effective.

Using The Product

As I stated in my earlier review, supplements like this are new to me; however, after my successful encounter with Son’s gut health tablets, I jumped in both feet first, knowing what to expect somewhat more! Almost everyone can appreciate a boost to their brain health, even if they think there is no need for it. So I was more than interested to see any differences that would happen during the one month course I was running.

Due to work and life (particularly in the aftermath of Covid), it is only natural to suffer from some form of stress, and I, too, fall into this category. Of course, it is up and down depending on what happens that day, but it is undoubtedly tough times.

After a couple of weeks of running the course, I noticed some subtle albeit positive changes (at first, it went under the radar for me) to my mood. Then, after a few days of feeling continually upbeat, it clicked that it was thanks to the brain health tablets from Sons. My stress levels were noticeably lower, and I also had an increased sense of focus, particularly when trying to complete work on time, definitely another plus point.

After the full month was over, this level of focus improved substantially (along with the continued lower stress levels), and even my memory seemed to have gotten better too. Going forward, now the course is completed, I will be potentially looking at taking on the system for another month or two and see what happens!


100% satisfied with using these Brain Health Supplements from Son’s – little magic beans that help your mind! Improving my stress levels, focus, and even my memory in the short time of a month is highly impressive! Recommended!

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*Partnership with Sons / Opinions are my own.


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