BRAINGAIN Adjustable Dumbbells Review

BRAINGAIN Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Weight training is a great way to keep fit and stay active, yet many guys don’t have the time (or the incentive) to join a gym. Instead, working out from home makes for an ideal alternative. Space-saving fitness equipment is a lifesaver, and that’s where the BRAINGAIN Adjustable Dumbbells come into play. I will be checking them out in my latest blog review.

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BRAINGAIN started out in June 2020 (mid-pandemic) with two best friends (Adil & Kareem), who were searching for affordable gym equipment but, after having no luck in this aspect, decided to fill this gap in the market. They have focused their brand on affordable adjustable dumbbell equipment and delivering fantastic customer service. Since its inception, it has gone from strength to strength, offering a variety of models and selling over 30 thousand dumbbells in the last four years.

For a bit of insight, I used to work out a fair amount some years ago, doing all the research about form, technique and nutrition and as soon as I got home from work (back when I used to work in a printers) and hit it hard to keep myself looking good (which I did religiously for a few years). My kit was a simple bench and metal plates, which did the job for me. However, I always struggled with constantly changing the plates for different exercises, and the constant turning of the spinlocks was incredibly tedious! Not to mention, the variety of metal I had lying around took up a lot of space. All of this, plus my hectic workload, finally made me slowly work out less and less to the point I just stopped.

Roll on to now, and I’ve caught the fitness bug again and started looking at weights once more (with the overhanging worry of using plates with spin locks again!). Fortunately, times have changed, and brands like BRAINGAIN have invented a fantastic alternative with the adjustable dumbbell set. It offers both space-saving and the ease of changing the weight amount in a flash. Is it a dream come true for my journey once more down the fitness path? Let’s find out in the following review.

Style & Design

The look of the dumbbells automatically tells of a quality product. The dumbbell dock is solid black, and the plates and bar are striking silver, providing a fantastic contrast. Each end of the dumbbell features the ‘BRAINGAIN’ branding. Overall, the design aspect hits the ground running—already a great start.


The main focus of this weight set is undoubtedly how it performs during your workout, and BRAINGAIN has managed to tick all the boxes. In my previous weight training sessions, using standard plates and spin locks, I used to dread the whole process of constantly un-spinning/spinning and swapping plates over (it was almost a workout in itself, and took so much time between exercises) and eventually was the downhill of my exercise journey. These adjustable dumbbells remove this issue entirely by allowing you to change the weight amounts in a matter of seconds by twisting the handle and using the handy-numbered dial to check what amount is selected. You then lift the bar, and you are good to go – when you have finished your sets, place the dumbbell back into his housing and repeat the process for the next weight change. The dumbbells hold easily during any dumbbell exercises you can throw at them, and the grip is solid with an anti-slip design, too.

The model I selected allows you to choose from 2KG all the way up to 32KG for each dumbbell, going up in 1KG increments to allow you to increase your weight a little each time (rather than a big jump, which many other brands force you to do with their plate sizes). You can easily carry the casing (with a dumbbell sitting inside) and place it out of the way when not in use (handy bars on each side of the unit for easy lifting).


The level of construction on offer is second to none; the dumbbells themselves are sturdy and well-made and can easily take heavy wear and tear head-on without any adverse effects. When turning the handle to change the sizing, the strong clicking sound gives you a feeling of confidence, knowing that the plates are locked into place (so there is no fear of them falling to the ground). The dumbbell housing is also solid and firm, easily taking the total weight of the plates and bar.

Value For Money

Weight training equipment has seen a dramatic price increase (notably rising when the pandemic hit), with even simple 20kg metal plate sets commanding a high cost. Yet, despite this, the BRAINGAIN Adjustable Dumbbell set is very reasonable when you consider the number of weight options provided, ease of use, and priceless space saving. The 32KG set featured in this review sits just shy of £400 but, in my opinion, is excellent value for money and worth every penny. Additionally, they offer shipping within the EU too.


If you are thinking about getting back into weight training again, or this is your first time entering into the lifestyle, then the BRAINGAIN Adjustable Dumbbells should be at the top of your shopping list – they have been a game changer for me (spinlocks and endless plate swapping is a thing of the past!). These dumbbells offer amazing useability, quality craftsmanship, and fantastic good looks, all at a very reasonable and competitive price point. Check them out today and begin your workout journey! Let me know your thoughts on my latest lifestyle article; I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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*Partnership with BRAINGAIN / Opinions are my own.


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