Topologie Satchel Backpack Dry Review

Topologie Satchel Backpack Dry Review

There are almost endless options available when it comes to luggage and especially backpacks, yet despite this, there is only a small percentage of them that both look the part but are also functional and easy to use. Topologie has stepped in with their Satchel Backpack Dry to fill this gap in the market. Read on to find out more!

Topologie was founded by Carlos Granon; an experienced rock climbing enthusiast created as a way to bring the functionality of expeditionary gear together in harmony with everyday luggage more suited to regular city adventures.

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Size And Shape

Right out of the gate you will instantly notice and admire the shape of the Satchel Backpack Dry, its large rectangular structure is quite unlike the typical backpacks you see along the high street or even in more dedicated luggage outlets. The bag has a unique construction in this department, allowing you to easily carry more obtuse shaped items effortlessly, laptops, camera equipment along with more awkward objects such as one of our tripods. We even used it recently on a shoot for my men’s fashion blog, and it was perfect for storing extra clothing too.

Exact measurements and capacity –

  • 42cm Length
  • 27.5cm Width
  • 12cm Depth
  • 15l Capacity


The design is undoubtedly one of it’s biggest selling points of the satchel. When it comes to functional clothing and accessories, I am always used to an appearance which features a basic style. Topologie clearly believes this is a misstep as their collection boasts a beautiful array of pieces, with their backpack sitting proudly at the top.

The Satchel Backpack Dry is constructed entirely out of black which along with its unusual shape, provides something that has an almost futuristic vibe (similar to what the main protagonist would sport in a sci-fi movie). Its stand out appearance is another thing that I genuinely love about its overall look.

(side note – the backpack is available in alternative colourways of navy or olive)

The main body of the bag is fashioned out of Polyurethane-coated poly-canvas to help protect from the typical day to day elements while the flap section is made from a waterproof PU to keep the contents nice and safe from any heavy rainfall.

The outer body of the bag is quite minimal, with a simple (yet secure) slide-out fastener when opening and closing the lid. On the reverse (hidden against your body when worn) is a small zippered section to store smaller objects which you need to access in a pinch, such as a phone or a wallet.

Once you delve inside the bag, you will find a few different sections at your disposal, including the main body which is padded to protect your essential items of tech (the aforementioned laptop, camera and lenses in our case). Additionally, there is an area to store a drinking bottle and umbrella (or tripod as previously touched upon). There is a further document compartment too with a magnetic closure, to carry those important letters and files on your travels.

Wearability And Usage

As you can expect, the bag is a dream to use; the long rectangle design is something of a marvel allowing excellent weight distribution when worn even though it almost covers the entirety of your back, you never feel off-balanced. It is also easy to put on and take off, there have been unfortunate experiences with similar backpacks where it has been quite tricky to get on and off. As mentioned, the bag has more than enough space for short trips, and you will never feel short-changed.

Its design is sleek and minimalist, so it will pair with practically every outfit you care to match it with, from a casual hoodie and jeans to a full business suit.


The bag arrived protected inside a heavy-duty waterproof bag to ensure it arrives safely. Once opened you will find that also comes pre-stored inside its very own large dustbag (for storing away when not in use), I always applaud brands which include these as it is a nice finishing touch which makes the purchase feel that much sweeter.

Value For Money

All of Topologie’s bags are available at a wallet-friendly RRP, with this backpack sitting comfortably well under £100. This cost-effective price point makes it easier to splash out on new luggage before an upcoming trip, allowing you to have extra money to spend while you are away (another bonus!).


In summary, I can give only top marks to the Topologie Satchel Backpack Dry, offering a stunningly designed bag, crafted out of excellent travel-ready materials, all at an unbelievable price point. It is highly recommended!

Here is a look back at some of the high points –

  • Top-notch design is suitable for everyday use.
  • Large storage areas for work and play
  • Solid material choice to protect your valuable contents
  • Fantastic value for money at a bargain price

What do you think of this backpack, is it something you can see yourself wearing? Please let me know in the comments section!

*Partnership with Topologie / Opinions are my own.

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