Allsaints Grey Denim Jacket And Women’s Skinny Jeans Outfit

Allsaints Grey Denim Jacket And Women’s Skinny Jeans Outfit

Despite being in the midst of winter, we are starting to get sprinkles of warmer temperatures. During one of these rare occasions I finally had an opportunity to wear my Allsaints Grey Denim Jacket! I’ve actually owned it since the tail end of December — just been waiting for my chance!

This denim jacket had been on my radar since it was first released, but over time I’d forgotten all about it. Once the end of season sales began I spotted it again; with my attraction rekindled, I decided to head to my local store to see it in person, to ensure it matched the online depiction. Upon arriving at our local Allsaints, it was soon clear they were devoid of the jacket, however just by chance one of the store assistants appeared to be wearing the exact item! It turned out he was also one of the most helpful and friendly Allsaints staff members I’ve ever encountered; going above and beyond the call of duty and even offering me his own jacket to try on (a size larger than me, but it gave me enough of an idea to make a decision)! This act of goodwill inevitably sealed my fate, I made my purchase a short time later online.

My denim jacket arrived within the week, and it definitely lived up to expectations, a great fit (in size XS) and the faded grey colour is sublime! Opening up limitless potential for outfit combinations. For this outfit post on my men’s fashion blog, I chose to accompany my Allsaints Grey Denim Jacket with my women’s skinny Citizens Of Humanity Rocket High Rise Crop In Aura Wash jeans, Burberry Field Sneakers and lastly my trusty woollen hat! Please let me know in the comments what you think?



    • Adam
      February 22, 2017 / 12:01 am

      Hi Andreea, thank you very much! You have a great week too!

    • Adam
      February 22, 2017 / 12:05 am

      Thanks Marianne! Yep, I’ve got a real love of Allsaints clothing!

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