Top 8 MCCVIII Sneakers For 2017

Top 8 MCCVIII Sneakers for 2017

With his unique sense of style and vision, it was only a matter of time till the multi talented and inimitable turned his hand to fashion design; teaming up with his brother, Carl Gillian, together they founded the shoe brand MCCVIII and have since been responsible for some formidable pieces in the overcrowded footwear market!

Casting your eyes across their large collection, it is clear that each pair has been crafted with love and passion. Even the name MCCVIII (pronounced TWELVEOEIGHT) has a meaningful history, it is the Roman numeral translation of 1208 Glennfield Court, birthplace and subsequent upbringing of the two brothers. Their childhood also kickstarted their love of clothing, with very little money to purchase the latest fashions, their mother handmade many of their clothes; taking influence from this, the pair began experimenting with their own designs from an early age. This adoration and vigour has stayed with them ever since, culminating in the MCCVIII brand we have today.

The collection boasts a massive selection to choose from! Vibrant colours, luxurious textures and shiny hardware all combined with an assortment of varied designs available; surely there is a pair for every occasion and outfit selection. Their latest releases are available now, I have chosen my top 10 favourite sneakers and featured them on my men’s fashion blog below.


MCCVIII Pharaoh Black Leather High Top Trainers

MCCVIII Pharaoh Brown Plaque Sneaker

MCCVIII Pharaoh Ice Blue Leather Trainers

MCCVIII Pharaoh Grey Leather Hi Top Trainers

MCCVIII Pharaoh Red Plaque Hi Top Sneaker

MCCVIII Pharaoh Cream Leather Hi Top Trainers

MCCVIII Pharaoh Navy Leather Trainers

MCCVIII Pharaoh Dark Green leather Trainers


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