Allsaints Monochrome Grey Tones Winter Outfit

AllSaints Monochrome Grey Tones Winter Outfit

When it comes to winter ensembles I’m a big fan of taupes, browns and greys. I find that the combination of understated hues can elevate an outfit to the next level. So for my latest look I have decided to create an outfit based primarily on those tones. Read on to find out more!

After a brief but welcome week of warm weather in the UK, the temperature has suddenly dropped again as we enter March. Judging from past experience, it will be the final attack of cold weather before we experience a steady level of warmth and sunshine. As we prepared for our latest shoot, we picked out some items to keep us wrapped up warm as it looked particularly miserable beyond the safety of the window. Once outside we were taken by surprise, it was unexpectedly mild. The coat was still necessary but the scarf was mostly surplus to requirements (except from a style point of view!, English weather never fails to astound.


My outfit was a welcome opportunity to wear my AllSaints Bodell Overcoat again, worn only a couple of times since its purchase for photos (which are still to be published on my men’s style blog). It is a beautiful coat and the oatmeal brown model I own has been available for the last couple of seasons, undoubtedly one of their top-selling coats. Fun fact – I actually ordered both this one and also a brown version in the sale before Christmas, I was having a difficult decision deciding which model to keep (I even considered both!), but I came to my senses and the conclusion that the oatmeal brown is more classic, whilst easier to match with different outfits.

My ASOS scarf (which was a gift from Lorna) is crafted from exquisite soft grey fabric, one of those understated styles which everyone needs to have in their winter wardrobe, that classic shade which you can pair with nearly everything. Denim wise, I grabbed my pair of faded black skinnies from James Jeans, they are increasingly becoming one of my favourites thanks to their depth of colour and overall fit. I finished the job with a pair of trusty men’s Chelsea boots, my beloved Common Projects. There is something about them which just ticks all the boxes! Check out my review for more in-depth information.


There is a funny story behind this location, we took a visit down to the local camping area (less of a campsite these days and more of a holiday resort with cabins) and we found a lovely spot close to the main buildings. We were probably there around an hour, taking various photos of both of our looks with the amazing scenery as the backdrop. Once completed we turned and began to walk back up the long path to the entrance, suddenly one of the onsite staff whizzed up behind us in a little truck! We were shocked as we were asked why we were taking photos … as apparently, they sometimes have ‘celebrities’ on the site. It would be quite obvious that we are not press photographers, judging by our outfits and holdalls full of clothing! To be fair, the guy questioning us seemed quite bemused about the whole thing and was no doubt ordered to confront us. I was very close to stating we were staying on site when asked, but in retrospect, it was probably a good idea I didn’t, could have made things much worse!

Funnily enough, we have used these grounds frequently in the past for various shoots and nothing has been said before, maybe we will give it a wide birth for a while till the ‘dust settles’ and we have been forgotten about! Lorna was concerned that they were going to force us to delete the photos, fortunately, this wasn’t the case. It needs to be mentioned, that we didn’t have to sneak past security (Metal Gear Solid style) to get into the holiday camp, we just walked down the main path like everyone else! In fact, you can even dine at the on-site restaurant regardless if you are staying at the camp.

What do you think about my latest selection of menswear photos, are you a fan of the outfit? What was your opinion about the admittedly small amount of excitement involving our photography location? Please let me know in the comments below!


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