Green And Brown Shades For Winter Outfit

Green And Brown Shades For Winter Outfit

I’m going all green with my latest fashion blog outfit, read on to find out why I opted for this colour palette which I otherwise typically avoid!

You may have noticed that I rarely ever wear green, it’s a colour that I usually keep away from, mostly as it doesn’t suit my sepia style theme. However, I have realised that it’s only an issue when it comes to trees, plants and grass in conjunction with my coloured grid style.

So yes, for this new post I dived right in with the green, mostly as I wanted my outfit to match with the olive tone of the watch! I think the items I paired together worked admirably in that respect. It was also another step out of my comfort zone with the use of a gilet (no matter which way you pronounce it!), having never owned or tried one on before, it was quite the leap of faith! Yet I am pleased with how it looked; I will be surely acquiring more in the future.


The gilet was from Joules which I managed to grab in a deal which was too good to miss! It’s muddy brown/green is the perfect accompaniment to the forest green ribbed Henley shirt from Mango, bringing the top portion of my outfit together harmoniously. My Nudie Skinny Linn Washed Black Skinny Jeans were my obvious choice when I selected the denim, paired with my Common Projects Chelsea Boots in brown suede.

To complete the ensemble I wore a Mind The Strap Olive Love Watch (which was the basis for my green clothing), Marco Dal Maso Silver Cuff, Valentino Rockstud Bracelet, a selection of rings and a pair of trusty RayBan Aviators.


We used one of the grassy park areas in the City Of Bath for location; usually, admission is paid during the summer months, so I took the opportunity to use it without the entry fee as it is the winter season.

What are your thoughts on my latest outfit? Do you often include greens in your wardrobe items, or like me do you usually skip them? I would love to find out!


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