Nike Daybreak Seaweed Midnight And Turquoise Trainers

Nike Daybreak Seaweed Midnight And Turquoise Trainers

When it comes to sports footwear, there has only ever been two contenders in my eyes – Adidas and Nike, yet although my youth dominated with love for the latter, in my later years it has always been Adidas which have ticked all the right boxes for me. Yet out of the blue, I was drawn to the latest release of Nike Daybreak Sneakers! Read on to find out more.

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I was browsing through Mr Porter, gazing at the items which are far too expensive (especially just after Christmas!) when I suddenly came across this pair of Nike Daybreak Sneakers in a fantastic teal, grey and white colour-way. Instantly I was captivated and had to take a closer look by clicking straight through to the product page. The additional imagery did not disappoint, and I can see myself owning these footwear beauties in the near future! So keep an eye out on my men’s fashion blog.

According to the description, the official colour is ‘petrol’ with the individual parts named accordingly – Seaweed, Midnight and Turquoise. The trainers boast a suede and nubuck material content; extra special mention must go to the waffled rubber soles which pay homage to the very first original pairs from 1979, showing just how well the design and style has stood the test of time.

Overall these sneakers can fit into many different lifestyle situations – urban streetwear, sports activities and even casual outfits. Certainly worth considering adding to your summer wardrobe as they are just so versatile!

What do you think of these update Nike classics? Let me know in the comments section.


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