How To Style Parachute Pants For Men

How To Style Parachute Pants For Men

Fashions come and go, yet sometimes they make an unexpected return, and in this case, the baggy parachute pants have come back with a bang! In my latest men’s fashion blog post, I will look at ways to wear these comfortable and stylish trousers and keep hold of your fashionista status. Carry on reading to find out more!

Parachute pants feature what can only be described as a distinct look, namely their baggy silhouette, which gives you the freedom to perform daily activities easily and maintain a cool appearance too. Aim to embrace this new looser fit (after many years of the skinny fit denim trend) and rock this look style. If you want a great pair, check out the latest parachute pants collection from JadedLDN here for an excellent start on your casual trouser journey!

How To Style Parachute Pants

The most obvious choice when it comes to styling parachute pants is to create a clean-cut ensemble, such as with a simple white t-shirt – pick out a slim-fit style to create a balance against the bagginess of the pants. You can complete this look with simple white sneakers or chunky trainers (clean for extra bonus points); alternatively, wear fashionable sandals for a super casual vibe.

You can choose a straightforward pair of pants with a simple basic colour (beige, brown, black etc.), or you can go one further and make a bold fashion statement with a colourful or patterned pair. Many different prints are available, including geometric patterns, camouflage or even a handful of floral designs (for that inner hippy in you!). However, pairing them with a plain/neutral-coloured t-shirt or shirt is crucial to keep the focus on the pants – ensure that the trousers are the focus of your outfit.

Throw on a simple, lightweight jacket or a ‘shacket’ if you want to add some layering, which can add something extra to the overall aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can even dress them up for a sophisticated event – many parachute pants are available in more luxurious fabrics such as satin or silk, which can be paired with a tailored blazer and a sleek, crisp white shirt. This stand-out outfit can be topped off with a pair of smart loafers or even Oxford shoes to turn some heads (definitely one for the extrovert fashion icons amongst us).

How To Accessorise Your Parachute Pants

With your outfit ensemble ready to roll, it is time to pull it all together with several suitable accessories that will add a touch of your personality and take everything to the next level.

  • Belts – a belt can help define your waist, adding a needed structure to the looser fit of the pants. Instead of the standard leather variety, a woven design can complement the casual style of oversized trousers.
  • Sunglasses – I am rarely seen without sunglasses (especially in my photos!), so I know the value of adding shades to any outfit. Aviators are always a firm favourite and can add a timeless appeal, or why not go for an oversized pair for that 70s feel?
  • Hats – keep with the casual trend and consider adding a hat to your outfit, baseball caps (for that urban look) or even a beanie or bucket hat if you want to throwback to the 90s.
  • Jewellery – finally, add a selection of jewellery pieces such as a cuff, necklace and a variety of rings if you want to go full rockstar. Add a casual watch (retro Casio would do the trick) or even a Swiss sports watch for something more premium.

Final Thoughts

Many of us felt that parachute pants were buried long ago – however, their comeback (although unforeseen) is still welcomed and should be embraced while the trend lasts. Fortunately, they can be worn casually or even formally, and you will look good (and be comfortable) each time you wear them. Try and experiment with different designs and see what works for you!

What do you think of parachute pants arriving back on the scene? Are you a fan, or do you wish they stayed gone forever? Let me know your thoughts and feelings below.


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