How To Wear A Camo Jacket For Men

How To Wear A Camo Jacket For Men

Camo clothing is an odd one in the world of fashion, regularly changing lanes from popular to pariah in the blink of an eye. As I write, camouflage jackets are currently on-trend, so before popular opinion changes yet again, allow me to showcase how I styled the above in my latest outfit blog post.

With camo back in fashion, almost every high street store has a selection of pieces based around this design, even a handful of premium brands and fashion houses are dipping their toes into the army trend! However, sometimes wearing camouflage can get you into hot water, particularly from those who have spent time in the military. Often, people make the mistake that you are trivialising soldiers who have served their country, but in my eyes, this is very far from the truth. Many fashion fans have only ever experienced war through books or movies, in turn gaining respect for the army because of these forms of media. However, the majority of the time, it merely boils down to the simple fact that they adore the style of print on clothing with no hidden agenda. I always wanted to join the army (following in the footsteps of Dad, enlisted due to the English call up) but the cards didn’t fall that way, instead, I get to enjoy wearing camo as a style choice, which I feel is ok as long as it is done correctly and for the right reasons!

When it comes to camo designs in the military, there is a wide variety depending on the weather conditions where you are based. White and blue for snowscapes, beige and brown for desert and the familiar green and brown for jungle-based adventures. The green/brown designs are the most common in the fashion world, notably also the easiest to pair with other items of clothing. The most difficult is always the artic design; only the bravest civilians would dare to wear the winter soldier print!

Even though the jungle print is the most popular, those forest colours can cause headaches when attempting to style them in an outfit. Greens are particularly challenging to match alone, least of all when amalgamated together with brown. In this instance, the safest option would be to stick to monochrome with blacks and whites; these two counterparts complement everything in the colour palette. Bet safe and opt for a pair of black jeans with a white or charcoal grey T-shirt to pair with your camouflage jacket.

If you want to take more of a risk, you can wear colours which share the same hue, in this case, greens and browns, If you go down this route, ensure they are a different shade, so not to look like you are going into battle in the next wave! One of the few other colours which work (although it probably shouldn’t!) is blue, chiefly when formed out of denim, medium blues and stonewash are particularly effective when paired with military-inspired clothing.

Footwear choices are less of a minefield (no pun intended!), easily matched with dark boots, such as brown or even sneakers in neutral colours for that street style aspect. Perhaps steer clear from military boots to distinguish yourself from a militia group waiting to topple the government!

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For my camo outfit, I decided to stick mostly within the realms of safety as explained above, feeling my images would be an excellent visual aid for those looking to style their camouflage coat. Those with a keen eye will recognise the brand of the jacket – Forage, which is owned by fellow bloggers – Magic Fox, Kosta Williams and Sandro. It boasts a lightweight feel, quite loose and airy, albeit on the downside is not very flattering when worn. I combated the lack of a slim fit by rolling the sleeves back tightly, forcing it into a more structured fit. Underneath, I wore a classic charcoal crewneck T-Shirt from ASOS, regular readers will attest to my love of their basics, either worn by themselves or as layering pieces.

With my upper body in the bag, it was time to nail down the lower portion of my outfit. Denim wise I picked out my medium / light blue skinny jeans from Frame (currently in love with this brand of women’s jeans for men), nice and slim with a lot of stretch for ease of movement!

My camo jacket ensemble was incidentally my first outfit in which I wore my recent footwear acquisition; featured recently in their own dedicated Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots Review blog post. I adore this pair of western-style boots, and my Chelsea boots collection is sadly not getting any attention! The colour of these cowboy shoes is a beautiful dark tan hue, complimenting the browns within the jacket flawlessly.

I completed the ensemble with a variety of jewellery pieces from my collection – silver bracelet from Emanuele Biccochi, leather bracelet from Valentino and a necklace from Le Gramme with my Omega Aqua Terra Seamster Automatic Watch serving as the finishing touch.


For this shoot we headed off to Bristol to capture an industrial style premise to the photos, there is a lot of choice and variety in a big city, so I felt like a kid in a candy store! We eventually settled on the side of this large modern building with reflective glass panelling, the colours of the building and windows worked seamlessly with the palette of my outfit.

What do you think of my new camouflage outfit post? Would you wear something like this or leave it to the armed forces?



  1. anonimatovato
    July 30, 2019 / 2:04 am

    Adam, would you wear women’s camo jeans? I always felt that’s one of the most gender neutral style to wear.

    • Adam
      August 5, 2019 / 7:13 pm

      Not sure, I’ve seen them around a few times and they do look cool! Whether or not I’d go as far as to wear, I’m uncertain! What about you?

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