Givenchy Iridescent Jaw Sneakers

Givenchy Iridescent Jaw Sneakers

The men’s sneaker industry is continually adding new pieces to tempt us into parting with our hard-earned cash, the latest release in the footwear category which has caught my attention is the Givenchy Jaw Sneakers. Read on to find out more!

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My interest in these designer sneakers was first roused thanks to their unquestionably unique design; after all, it is not something that you see every day, especially from a high-end premium brand! The French designers appear to have taken inspiration from the popular Dad’s shoe trend, mixed it with a secret love of Transformers (Decepticon, rather than Autobot) and created a shoe which will undoubtedly divide opinion. The Jaw Sneakers offer a somewhat modern and futuristic design, which is also quite unconventional in appearance. The size of the shoes is also something to be touched upon, easily dwarfing something like the Balenciaga Triple S and also the Fila Disruptor, arguably the leaders in Dad trainers throwback design (I wore the Fila in a retro-style outfit – click here). Because of their bulky size, the Jaw sneakers inevitably end up being the main focus and talking point of your outfit, so be ready to make a statement – especially if you have legs on the thinner side (like me!).

The shoes themselves are available in a few different colourways, as is par for the course with men’s footwear. I would opt for the classic white or black designs (such as the iridescent pair featured here), anything too colourful would probably be just too much, your mileage may, of course, depending on your style preference!

There is only a small amount of branding on the shoes, just a tiny Givenchy logo (in red) positioned on the side of each shoe, anything more would be redundant as they are instantly recognisable to anyone who is into their fashion. One of the coolest features unique to the all-black pair is on the platformed sole, constructed using a mother of pearl iridescent design, giving off a multi-coloured oil effect, adding something different compared to many competitors shoes.

What do you think of these new releases from Givenchy, are you a fan of their bold design? Or do you prefer more understated shoes?


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