White Henley And Tan Trousers Outfit Combo

White Henley And Tan Trousers Outfit Combo

With my latest look, I am continuing with my current love of smarter, more sophisticated ensembles, this time aiming for a simple yet effective team of cream, tan and brown. Read on for more details.

I am beginning to really appreciate classic looks the more I wear them; I believe that I have finally found my fashion niche, not to say I will abandon street style looks completely, just that they will take a back seat in comparison to my formal wear outfits on my men’s fashion blog.

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With this latest choice of clothing items, I have picked out timeless pieces, easily in style now as they were 40 years ago (I like the idea of looking back over my images in many years to come and still thinking that they look good, something which will be unlikely for some of my street looks).

Firstly I picked out a grandad collar henley shirt from Selected Homme, fashioned from cotton which has a linen-esque feel, adding to that vintage appearance. I paired this shirt with a pair of camel tan skinny trousers from River Island’s latest collection (I’ve been swaying over to this brand of late, their trousers seem to fit way better than most of the competition without any alterations needed). Footwear was naturally my Gucci Jordaan Loafers in burnished brown tan; it’s colouring pairing with the shirt and trousers effortlessly.

My usual mix of accessories finished off the look – Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Daniel Wellington Watch, Valentino Bracelet with my Emanuele Biccochi Bracelet and ring to finish it off nicely.


We found a few useable areas around the city of Bath for the images – the first was around the circle with a pleasing path area, including the backdrop of black railings and architecturally beautiful buildings. The second was an empty rustic wooden bench for some artistic sitting poses and shots. The weather was ideal, just the right amount of sun and shade enabling us to capture a good variety of images.

What do you think of this one? An outfit you could see yourself wearing or is it not your cup of tea? Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the post.


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