Balenciaga Race Runners Sneakers In Green And Brown

Balenciaga Race Runners Sneakers Green Brown

Balenciaga Race Runners Sneakers In Green And Brown

It is a dangerous game looking at pretty new things, but when Balenciaga have added a stunning new colourway to their Race Runner collection, it is difficult to ignore! Read on to find out more!

Brand new for this season with a certain camo-esque theme, this green and brown colour scheme combination is perfectly suitable for the upcoming autumn season. They will undoubtedly live up to the high praise I lavished over the brand in my Balenciaga Race Runner Black Sneakers Review, offering beautiful design and quality craftsmanship without compromising on the all-important comfort factor.

Looking around online, it is obvious they are already in low supply, combined with limited stockists across the UK you need to be quick in grabbing a pair before they are all gone!

What do you think of these new releases from Balenciaga? Are you a fan or could you easily walk on by? Please let me know in the comments below!

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