Helm The Finn Sienna Chelsea Boots Review

Helm The Finn Sienna Chelsea Boots Review

When it comes to men’s footwear, it’s hard to beat the humble Chelsea Boot, thanks to its timeless appearance and easy-to-wear style. In my latest article, I will explore the new collection from Helm as I review their suede “The Finn Sienna” Boots – click through to find out my thoughts.

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The Helm Brand was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2009, and since that time, they have gained a large fan base of customers thanks to a combination of striking designs and high-quality production values (they aim that each boot, shoe or sneaker will outlast the wearer). One of the brand’s key features is its signature white midsole, which really stands out, especially in contrast to darker-coloured pairs.

I have only recently discovered the Helm footwear brand, and I was instantly stunned at the range of different styles they offer – boots, shoes, sneakers and even accessories such as belts and leather care products. Even though they offer a large selection, the quality is still very apparent from the different items available.

Design & Shape

Chelsea boots are one of my all-time favourite styles (I’ve been a fan since my teens), and it is doubtful they will ever fall out of favour with me. My experience with this type of footwear has given me great insight into what makes (or breaks) a great Chelsea boot. The shape of the shoe is crucial, and fortunately, Helm has knocked this out of the park with a slender body, elongated toe area (rather than too round and short) and, critically, a narrow leg opening (so your slim jeans and trousers sit comfortably over the top of the boot).

I selected the suede model, which features a lovely dark, medium-brown shade ideal for the approaching autumn season. The gusset features a slightly darker shade, creating a complimentary aesthetic. These boots are built to last, and this robustness is evident with the inclusion of a chunky rubber lug sole, aiding in traction and providing an excellent finish.

Incidentally, The Finn model is also available in solid black leather (if you are looking for something suitable for those more formal occasions).

Wearability & Comfort

The top-notch design of these boots allows for an endless amount of outfit possibilities – jeans, shirt and denim jacket for an iconic tough and rugged look (bonus points for a plaid check shirt or sherpa trucker jacket) or even worn smart-casual with a pair of trousers or chinos and a formal style shirt (minus a tie). Additionally, whether you are a fan of skinny-fit denim or favour regular-fit jeans, these boots will suit either style thanks to their shape, allowing them to be worn by a wider audience around the world.


When it came to sizing, I traditionally select my standard size of a UK 8.5 / US 9.5 (if half sizes are available), yet after discussing with Helm, I was advised to drop down a half size, so I went with the UK 8. Fortunately, this recommendation was on point – the boots fitted me perfectly!
Additionally, you can opt for a wider foot model if necessary.


One of the high points of the Helm boots collection is undoubtedly the love and care infused into each finished product. According to the brand, an astounding 153 steps are needed to create each pair of boots before completion. They source their leathers from Rusan, Neymar and Krumenauer tanneries, using only the best full-grain premium leathers during the 28-day tanning process. Additionally, each shoe features Blake-rapid stitching and is entirely resoleable to ensure a long-lasting life.

Even examining them up close, I found no flaw or mistake in the stitching and can safely say the quality on offer is second to none.


I always state that quality comes at a cost, especially regarding clothing and footwear. In my experience, shoes and boots at the lower end of the pricing scale often arrive with flaws, fit issues, discomfort and overall look ‘cheap’ – when it comes to Helm boots, there is no such worry! The quality, fit, comfort level and design are all of a very high standard, and the retail price is very reasonable, especially compared to many of the competitors on the market.


After spending some time with the fantastic Helm The Finn boots, I can happily give them my stamp of approval – incredible design, beautiful colouring, excellent fit, amazing quality and all wrapped up at a very affordable price point. I can 100% recommend these Chelsea boots if you are looking to upgrade your footwear selection.

What do you think of these new boots? Will you be adding a pair to your wardrobe? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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*Partnership with Helm Boots / Opinions are my own.


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