Giuseppe Zanotti Frankie Low Top Sneakers Review

Giuseppe Zanotti Frankie Low Top Sneakers Review

I first caught sight of these Giuseppe Zanotti Frankie Low Top Sneakers during a trip to London, we were casually strolling through the Selfridges department store when we spotted them in their extensive mens shoe section. I had previously shown interest in the brand when I looked at a few pieces from their range in a previous post. After giving them a test drive I instantly fell in love with the Italian shoes. Reluctantly I left them behind, but vowed to add them to my collection in the near future. Fast forward 6 months and I finally have them in my possession! It was only natural that I decided to review them on my mens fashion blog.

I originally resisted the urge to purchase the shoes due to their high price tag! However, with the aid of some frugal saving (and a fantastic discount code!) I finally managed to go ahead and place the order. My original interest was in fact for the Giuseppe Zanotti Daniel Sneakers (identical in design except that they are a high top version). Since my original encounter with the sneakers my style has changed quite dramatically so low top sneakers are my preferred choice now (more suited to my women’s skinny jeans for men outfit style).

Now onto the review! The packaging for the shoes is typically subtle as per usual for designer pieces. Simple charcoal with minimalist branding. Within the box we find the standard dust bag with pull cord, the one included is a nice shiny silver version.

Lets talk about the actual shoes, which assumedly is the reason you began reading this review! Well, I won’t waste time holding you in suspense. The Giuseppe Zanotti Frankie Low Top Sneakers are worth every penny! The detail and craftsmanship across every inch is flawless, no thread misplaced or stitching askew (the gold hardware is perfectly aligned too!).

Trying the shoes on was a dream, opting for my usual size of a 42 EU was the correct choice. The lining inside the shoe was a soft and spongy white leather, providing your feet with sublime cushioning. Also, despite their somewhat chunky design they didn’t make my feet look overly large, which can be an inevitable end result with certain other footwear brands.

One thing to note, when my sneakers have laces I prefer to tuck them hidden inside. However, due to the design of the tongue on these shoes, it is not actually possible … well you can tuck them inside, but it doesn’t look very appealing as the lace loops are positioned very close to each side of the highest point of the tongue. If you attempt to hide them, you will see the laces just disappearing beneath the tongue itself. So I had to wear them the traditional way, with the laces proudly on display! But because they are quite sturdy, they hold shape pretty well (no worry of them dropping across the floor or even flapping about as you walk). After a short while, I surprisingly became accustomed to the look.

On my first wear outside I was amazed at how comfortable they are! Hugely different from the majority of other designer shoes I’ve tried. In fact I’d grown used to similarly priced footwear including a variety of uncomfortable tendencies as part of the package (I inevitably have to power through the pain as I love the designs!). I am happy to report the Zanotti sneakers have no such problems, on the contrary I would suggest they have more in common with your typical sports trainer, they are like walking on air! Even after a long day of walking there isn’t even the mildest suggestion of discomfort.

In conclusion I’m happy to recommend these Giuseppe Zanotti Frankie Low Top Sneakers. Incredibly comfortable and beautifully designed. If you can look past the admittedly high price, you will find a superb Italian designed shoe.

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