How To Break In Your New Doc Martens Boots

How To Break In Your New Doc Martens Boots

During the winter season, it is a common practice to pull out all your boots in different styles, colours and sizes to help figure out upcoming outfits. Boots are one of the best go-to footwear items and will always give you a confidence boost. It is no secret that Doc Martens are one of the most popular high-street shoe brands that offer various styles, including boots, sandals, Oxford shoes and many more! In my latest post, I will give tips on how to break in your new-found Doc Martens and make them ready to wear!

As with any new shoes and boots, it takes time to make them comfortable to wear, and it is important once you have purchased your Doc Martens to learn how to break them in properly. There are a whole host of other factors when ensuring your new shoes fit well, so continue reading to discover more.

How To Find Your Perfect Doc Martens Size

Doc Martens offers a vast array of styles, so it is important to find your correct size – crucial information, such as if the boots run true to size or run small or large, can help you find that perfect pair much more easily.

Do Doc Martens Run Big?

Due to the often bulky aesthetic of Doc Martens, many prospective buyers often believe they need to size down compared to their normal shoe size; however, this is typically untrue. Despite their appearance, Doc’s run true to size, and it is recommended to go half a size down from your normal sneaker size (incidentally, the brand does not manufacture half sizes).

Doc Martens always uses leather in their collection, so naturally, this will stretch out over time, so sizing down (even if it is a tight fit to start) is great advice.

Doc Martens Size Chart Facts

Checking out footwear size guides is always a great way to determine how they will fit, and the following information will give you a few extra tips to help.

  • If you normally wear half sizes, drop half a size down for a snug fit.
  • Going up a size only affects the length, not the width.
  • Measure from your heel to your toe while standing in socks to discover your insole.
  • Choose between a spacious (sizing up) or tight fit (sizing down), depending on your preference.
  • The inch measurements are based on the insole length, not the whole outer shoe size.

How To Break In Doc Martens

Breaking in shoes before you wear them outside is a great way to make them a more comfortable experience! No matter the event or occasion, you will want to sport your new Doc’s! Many boots and shoes from various brands can feel stiff or uncomfortable when brand new. Doc Martens is no different, so it is critical to figure out how to make them more comfortable, especially if you want to wear them for many hours each day.

Are Doc Martens Comfortable To Wear?

If you are looking for your first pair, it is understandable to find out more about them, and one of the big questions is if Doc Martens are comfortable to wear. Fortunately, the common consensus is that they are considered some of the most comfortable boots you can buy! (rave reviews can regularly be found across the board).

They are comfortable for walking, and you will have no fear of getting blisters even after the first few wears (unlike some other brands I have encountered!). They will likely still feel stiff initially, but after repeated wears, they will stretch and mould to the shape of your foot.

Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

One of the other big questions new customers to the brand ask is if they are waterproof, and the answer is a resounding yes! If you are caught in the rain or even step in a puddle, your Doc Martens will hold up well with no issues. However, it is still important not to totally submerge your new shoes! (so no swimming with them!).

When cleaning your new Docs, only use a damp, wet cloth and rinse when necessary. The shoelaces must be cleaned separately and either left to air dry or patted down with a clean cloth (never chuck them into the washing machine!).

Tips To Breaking In Your Doc Martens

If you are searching for ways to make your new footwear purchase more comfortable, these six tips direct from the Doc Martens brand will ensure you get started on the right path.

  1. Wear Comfortable Socks

The very first step is to wear a pair of long thick socks to protect against friction and blisters, allowing your feet to be comfortable during the break-in process. Doc Martens also sell their own socks that offer extra heel, ankle and arch protection.

2. Massage Your Boots

Massaging the leather on your new Doc Martens can go a long way to help break them in. Use your hands to press and squeeze the leather and bend the toe area up and down, replicating the same movement as when worn on your feet.

3. Stretch Out The Uppers

Stretching out the uppers in your new boots can make them a more comfy fit, especially for your toes. Sliding some newspaper into the shoes and left overnight can do the trick.

4. Give The Shoes A Break Once In A While

You may feel it is the best practice to wear your Doc Martens 24/7 to stretch them out quickly. However, it can also be essential to let them have a break. The brand suggests not to unlace the boots till they have moulded to your feet, and also wearing them around the house and during odd days can help the process too.

These tips direct from the brand themselves are invaluable, and they also recommend purchasing their heel pads and wonder balsam to soften the leather of your boots too.

The Doc Martens brand has a huge fan base worldwide and continues to grow year in and year out. They offer an almost unlimited amount of styles, designs and colours, and with my latest guide, you will be able to break them in with ease ensuring you will be rocking those city streets in no time!


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