Saint Laurent Dusty Rose Court Classic Sneakers Review

Saint Laurent Dusty Rose Court Classic Sneakers Review

As you may have gathered from my various outfit posts on my mens fashion blog, I have a small obsession with mens sneakers! I have to be strict with myself and not browse for new releases. However, sometimes I get introduced to a new pair through no fault of my own. I was alerted to these Saint Laurent Court Classic Sneakers In Dusty Rose via an email showcasing new releases, once I had laid my eyes upon that colour, it was only a matter of time.

It was only a short time ago I acquired the same style of Saint Laurent sneakers, albeit in a white colour. When reviewing them I gave them a positive score (with a couple of slight negative points) and I also hinted I would likely buy more in different colours. I never expected this prophecy to come true quite so quickly! I have decided to review these too, despite them being almost identical to the white pair. At the very least it gives me the opportunity to show them off in multiple photos!

The shoes are as you can imagine, largely the same as the white pair in all but colour. The packaging once again is the same sturdy solid black box with very minimal branding. The obligatory dust bags (yes, comes with 2 to make sure both shoes are separate!) and copious amounts of tissue paper to keep it all nice and secure.

I will now move swiftly on to the reason I purchased these shoes – that dusty pink colour. I did have my doubts as to how this colour would appear in real life, with very little resemblance to the heavily edited photos that many online stores criminally use. With this in mind, I was fully prepared to be disappointed and reluctantly return them. Once I had tore through that packing and gazed upon them in real life, I knew instantly they were keepers!

The dusty pink colour is gorgeous, not garishly bright nor muted to the point of it bordering on dark red. The choice of the name dusty pink is perfectly accurate! This reaction was in the house with the artificial lighting, taking them outside I was amazed at how the colour really pops in the sunlight! (one of the reasons I chose to shoot the photos in the bright sunshine). The sole of the sneakers are a slightly different shade to the main body, but it also matches the laces to give a nice subtle contrasting effect. On the subject of the laces (you also get a spare pair in the box!), they have a little sparkle to them, especially when those sunbeams touch!

The colour is gorgeous, not overly bright pink nor muted to the point of being dark red, no these are exactly as the name describes – dusty pink. This initial reaction was in the house with artificial lighting, once I took them outside, that’s where the colour really popped! The colour is beautiful, the sole is a slightly different shade the body of the shoe, but it also matches the laces for a nice subtle effect. Talking about the laces (which you also get a spare pair in the box!), they have a little sparkle when the sunlight hits them. There is a very minimal amount of branding on the shoe, just the logo on the tongue (in a lovely gold print!) and a small amount of text along the side (which is just the model number).

As with the white pair, these too are very sturdy! So incredibly solid that you don’t have to worry about creases appearing around the toe area (which is a common danger with many shoes) as the leather barely even bends as you walk. One of the advantages to the well structured design revolves around the laces. There is very little need to even tie the laces, you can just slip your foot inside the shoe and pull the laces tight (this is actually enough to secure them to your feet without falling off). You then have the choice of tying them in a knot and leave them visible or as is my preference, tuck them hidden inside the shoe. As to be expected, the quality is faultless, no loose threads or flawed stitching. My experience with Saint Laurent so far as always reflected their heritage of expert craftsmanship.

Their is however a very small negative, carrying over from the white pair. The downside relates to the firmness of the leather, the tongue is tough and stubborn to move! Wearing low profile socks (as I do) allows the tongue to press against your ankle, close to the point of cutting into it! For whatever reason, this problem doesn’t seem as prominent on the pink as it did with the white. Still, this is a very small gripe on an otherwise stunning shoe.

So in summary, do I recommend the Saint Laurent Dusty Pink Court Classic Sneakers? You better believe it! Fantastic minimal design, excellent production values with zero flaws, reasonable price point (considering the brand) and of course that absolutely amazing colour! I have a feeling these won’t be available for long! So quickly grab your pair now!

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  1. Royal Williams
    March 3, 2018 / 10:22 am

    Hey I just wanted to thank u for this review. I just purchased these shoes from a reseller and I’m in absolute love with these shoes from the structure to the color everything is solid. My only question is do u have any outfit suggestions or color combo ideas to wear with shoes. Please and thank you so much keep up the good work

    • Adam
      March 12, 2018 / 11:25 pm

      Happy to hear the review helped you with your purchase! The Court Classics are one of my favourite sneaker designs. I think for the rose colour, they pair really nicely with black or even grey! (particularly denim). You could even choose to pair your top or jacket with the same colour!

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