What Are 6E Wide Shoes

What Are 6E Wide Shoes

Shoes are an essential element of any fashionable guy’s wardrobe. Their shape and design are significant, as are the fit and level of comfort, especially if you have wider feet. In my latest article, I will discover more about the 6E wide shoes, who they are designed for, and the best pairs available on the market. Continue reading to find out more.

Choosing Your Shoes For Your Lifestyle Needs

When selecting your 6E wide shoes, you need to think about what type of activities you will be doing when worn. If you are an active guy, you should choose shoes that include enhanced breathability materials with moisture-wicking properties – during warmer weather seasons or if you are involved in a lot of activity, this addition will be highly beneficial.

Alternatively, if you are based in an office or professional setting, this type of wide-fitting shoe provides a smarter, classic look that keeps your feet comfortable and healthy.

6E wide shoes are considered extra-extra wide, which even goes beyond standard extra-wide shoes. Fortunately, they come in all sorts of styles and designs, so you can kit out your wardrobe for a variety of activities and occasions.

Who Needs 6E Wide Shoes?

People With Wide Feet

6E wide shoes are manufactured for people with naturally wide feet, which can be caused by various factors that include –

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Weight Gain
  • Feet conditions, like bunions or flat feet

If you are in this category of people with wider feet, narrow footwear can cause many health problems, such as discomfort, pain, or long-term foot problems.

Athletes And Active Individuals

If you lead an active lifestyle or are a fully-fledged athlete, shopping around for comfortable shoes is essential, particularly if you need 6E-wide footwear. Your chosen sport will likely involve much lateral movement or induce foot swelling. Here are a few examples.

  • Basketball players
  • Tennis players
  • Hikers
  • Runners

Shoes that provide extra space for movement and can allow for any foot swelling are crucial if you are highly active; this will help to prevent any unwanted injuries (potentially taking you out of the game for an extended length of time) and also enhance your performance on the field or track,

People With Foot Conditions

If you suffer from certain foot conditions, it may be beneficial to wear 6E wide shoes such as

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Corns and calluses
  • Diabetic foot issues

If you fall into this bracket, 6E wide shoes can help to provide much needed extra space for any foot deformities and orthotic inserts to help alleviate these conditions.

6E Wide Shoe Features

Expanded Toe Box

An important key feature of 6E wide shoes is the expanded toe box, allowing your toes to spread out and move freely rather than cramped and tight, which can remove the danger of blisters and other foot problems.

Wider Midfoot And Heel

This shoe model also offers a wider midfoot and heel area, ensuring a much-needed level of comfort throughout the shoe and protecting against slipping and chafing.

Supportive Insoles

6E wide shoes can arrive with supportive insoles installed, delivering extra cushioning for your feet and arch support. If you have flat feet or spend long working hours on your feet, this can be a massive benefit.

Durable Materials

As 6E shoes include a larger width and overall size, it is critical that they are constructed using the best materials available that are durable and can withstand strain and extra stress on a daily basis. When adding a new pair to your collection, check for high-quality leather, synthetic materials, or sturdy textiles.

Finding The Right 6E Wide Shoes

Measure Your Feet

As with all items of clothing, it is essential to take accurate measurements before purchasing 6E-wide shoes. Either visit a professional shoe shop to be measured or acquire a Brannock device and measure your feet at home. Always remember to size up both feet, as each foot may measure slightly differently.

Check Out The Brand’s Sizing Chart

Clothing sizing between brands can vary wildly, and the same is true for footwear companies. Take a look at your chosen brand’s specific size chart and compare it to your measurements, allowing you to figure out the best size and width for your feet.

Read Customer Reviews

Take some time to read through customer reviews to discover valuable personal experiences and insights about the shoes you are looking for. Narrow down the reviews to people with similar foot sizes and shapes so you can better understand what will work for you.

Test Them On Your Feet

You should always try on 6E wide shoes, as they are uniquely different from traditional footwear. It is vital that they fit how you want and are comfortable. Walk around the store to ensure there is no slippage or discomfort. If you order online, check out their returns policy (free returns are invaluable). Make sure you wear them indoors on a carpet so as not to mark and damage the soles if you need to return them.

Popular Brands Offering 6E Wide Shoes

New Balance

New Balance is a popular sportswear brand that offers a wide selection of styles and colourways. Fortunately, they also cater to various widths, including 6E, so you will never be short of choice if you need special sizes.


The Propet brand offers a wide selection of comfortable 6E wide shoes in different styles, including dress shoes, walking shoes, and even sandals.


Dunham is a subsidiary of New Balance, so you know you are guaranteed a quality product. They stock a fantastic line of 6E wide shoes, including boots, Oxfords, and sneakers.


Way back in the 90s, Rockport was a hugely popular footwear brand, and it has increased in popularity once more. Their collection includes a 6E range that includes boots, dress shoes, and casual sneakers.

Caring For Your 6E Wide Shoes

Keep your brand-new 6E shoes in tip-top shape by following these essential care tips.

Regular Cleaning

Begin by cleaning your shoes of dirt and debris using a soft brush and a damp cloth. If your shoes are leather, invest in a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the material soft and supple.

Proper Storage

Keep your footwear stored securely in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (to protect against fade). Purchase shoe trees (or even use simple stuffed newspaper) to help maintain the shoes’ shape and structure when not in use.


Stick to a shoe rotation rota so that you wear a different pair of shoes each day. This will allow your shoes to air out and recover between wears.

Timely Repairs

Keep a close eye on any damage, such as loose stitching and worn soles, and repair whenever necessary. Take them to a professional cobbler, who can make them as good as new. Regular checkups and repairs will extend your shoes’ life, so you can enjoy them for many years to come.


6E wide shoes are a specific breed of footwear that will provide a comfortable and supportive fit for people with extra-wide feet. If you are naturally born with wider feet, your regular activities have caused your feet to swell, or you suffer from foot conditions, 6E wide shoes are the perfect option to help reduce discomfort. Take my tips in this guide on board; you will have the foresight to help when choosing extra-wide footwear for your wardrobe.

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