Top 5 Designer Sneakers For 2022

Top 5 Designer Sneakers For 2022

Everyman deserves at least one pair of designer sneakers in his wardrobe, those that stand out and you only wear for those special occasions! However, each season we are engulfed with hundreds of takers vying for that top spot in your collection! In my latest post, I take a look at the top 5 available now.

When you are on the hunt for a new pair of trainers, you will find that there are way too many styles available when trying to narrow it down to just one! I often do my research online before making a purchase for that extra help to find out what this years biggest sneaker trends are on the long and treacherous road to that new pair.

In my latest article, I take a look at the top 5 pairs available in 2022, offering some guidance when trying to upgrade your footwear wardrobe.

Gucci New Ace Low Top Sneakers

The Ace sneakers from Gucci have been popular for many years since they first dropped, seasonally updated with new designs and prints. With the latest number, they have added a pair of strawberries (one happy and one with tears) along the side of the shoes. The opposite foot features the Gucci name in a cartoon-style print in green colouring. Rather than the classic white, the Italian giant has chosen an off-white hue which is almost yellow at first glance. Overall an excellent all-year rounder.

Common Projects Retro Low Top Leather Sneakers

Common Projects became popular with their iconic Achilles range and have had various offshoots with varying levels of success. With this pair of sneakers, they have taken the classic style and made them more akin to their competitors, bigger and chunkier all-round but not as much to make them appear bulky—a great choice for that everyday pair.

Celine Z Suede And Leather High-Top Sneakers

Since famed designer Hedi Slimane left his position at Saint Laurent, he took his talent across to rival brand Celine and more or less converted the French fashion house’s ready-to-wear collection in the same image. This especially rings true in their footwear collection; these cool high-tops could have easily been stocked in the nearest SL shop to much praise. The trainers are constructed using a warm grey suede against complementary white leather. Beautiful to look at and perfect for that street look.

Alexander McQueen Heel Tab Nubuck Wedge Sneakers

Next up, we have another popular brand on the sneaker market, Alexander McQueen’s chunky wedge-style sneakers. If you hadn’t seen various would-be fashionistas rocking a pair of these at some point in the last few years, you must have been living in a cave. For a new 2022 release, the British brand has upped the ante with this pair crafted in a gorgeous soft brown nubuck fabric. With autumn just around the corner, you will have the perfect pair of shoes for that colourful season.

Saint Laurent SL-06 Court Signature Sneakers

Saint Laurent are still holding strong in the designer trainers department; a few years back, I reviewed  one of the first releases of these iconic sneakers with very positive results (albeit, they were prone to rubbing on the heel!). Since those days, the brand has updated its sneakers; the heel is more structured, in turn allowing for a better fit. The addition of the Saint Laurent text in italic along the side is an excellent addition too. This model offers a mix of canvas and upper leather body in black with a touch of pre-distressing for that edgy vibe.

What are your thoughts and feelings on my choice of top 5 designer sneakers for 2022 on my men’s fashion blog? Let me know in the comments section below.


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