Club Cubano Lennon Black Suede Cuban Heel Boots Review

Club Cubano Lennon Black Suede Cuban Heel Boots Review

Cuban heel boots have always caught the eye; the combination of a high heel and pointy toe will surely get you noticed as you strut down the street. Thanks to a catwalk revival, these boots have seen a rise in popularity, and a new brand – Club Cubano, has released a whole range based on this style. In my latest review, I will be checking out the Lennon Suede Boot – click to find out more.

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Club Cubano has hit the fashion market at just the right time, riding high on the popularity in the media thanks to celebs such as Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes rocking high-heeled men’s boots during live performances on stage.

A select few designer brands have been launching footwear of this type for a number of seasons, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Cuban heels are alleged to have been around since before the 12th century (although they would have held little in common with the styles we know now) but didn’t reach fashionable status till the last century (The Beatles are somewhat responsible for their iconic status!).

Club Cubano is focused on allowing everyone the ability to obtain this style in their wardrobe at an affordable price point, albeit without losing that touch of quality in the process. After my introduction to the brand, I was undoubtedly excited to get to grips with a pair myself. (Regular readers will have no doubt seen my many outfits wearing boots with that all too noticeable big heel).

For my latest article on my men’s fashion blog, I will be taking a look at the Club Cubano Black Suede Lennon Boot (the name, of course, nods to John Lennon, who was a big fan of Cuban heels).

Design & Shape

As soon as I laid my eyes on the shoes after viewing them online, I was impressed, but I still had reservations until I saw them in real life (as often I have been stung before with web representations of clothing and footwear). Once my package arrived, I tore into the box to reveal the boots, and there is no question I instantly fell in love with them!

The shape is a joy to behold, long and sleek with a sharp toe point which, when worn with slimmer fitting trousers or jeans, displays a beautiful outline to your overall profile. The heel is as expected, very high at 2 inches tall, giving you extra height and making your legs appear longer and slender. One of the most important points (which worried me initially) was the width of the leg opening; often, I have been impressed with a slim boot only to have my praise ruined by a too-wide leg opening which caused slim/skinny jeans or trousers to drop poorly. You would have to pull the fabric tight to sit over the leather, then during walking, the denim would slip up over the boots, and you would constantly have to re-adjust throughout the day.

The Club Cubano brand styled the shape on the classic winkle picker shape, which was the most popular boot style during the 60s (again, thanks to rockstars of that era) and is a timeless shape that looks good even today. They are available in both leather and suede, and I selected the latter (for something different), which I feel gives a more classy feel that can be dressed up or down depending on your plans for the day. In short, the design and shape of these boots are undeniably fantastic, with no negative points at all.

Wearability & Comfort

As a massive fan of this type of boot, I feel they can be rocked with numerous outfits easily, particularly if you’re a fan of skinny jeans. Tight-fitting denim will wrap around the neck of the boot, giving off a sleek silhouette to your ensemble. Pairing with denim will create a casual vibe, mixed with a loose-fitting jumper or perhaps a checked shirt. Alternatively, slim-fitting trousers or pants will have a similar effect but offer something much smarter and more formal with a plain or printed shirt or even a tighter-fitting knitted top (constructed from merino wool or something alike).


For sizing, I went with my standard size of a UK 8 / EU 42, and it was a great fit; a little snug at first, but after a small amount of wear, they stretched enough to make that perfect fit.


The boots are crafted to the highest standards, using premium calfskin leather, WKK zips (a favourite with top brands worldwide) and boasting a skin fit inside and EVA foam inner sole for a very comfortable fit. There were no flaws, knocks or bumps on the Lennon boots which could be seen. Another tick in the top box for the fashion retailer.


I have regularly stated that you need to pay a high price to receive a quality product (especially with footwear, as my wardrobe would attest to). However, it seems that the Club Cubano brand is very much the exception to the rule; despite a modest price point of around £100, these boots can easily sit pride of place next to my premium footwear from brands such as Saint Laurent or From The First which is high praise indeed.


In my final thoughts, I am more than happy to recommend the Lennon Boots from Club Cubano – beautifully designed with a great style and top-quality production values akin to designer brands and at a very reasonable retail price. If you are hunting for a pair of high-heeled or Cuban heel men’s boots, then I think your search may be over!

Are you a fan of this pair of boots? I would love to find out what you think!

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*Partnership with Club Cubano / Opinions are my own.



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