Club 24 Freedom Fit T-Shirt Review

Club 24 Freedom Fit T-Shirt Review

There is always room in a man’s wardrobe for a new T-shirt, especially one of quality with that premium factor. The new brand CLUB 24 offers all this and more with its sleek capsule collection. Please find out more in my latest blog post review!

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CLUB 24 hails from Holland, offering a selection of luxury pieces for the modern man; additionally, they have partnered with fashion designer Isabel Fiqlarek who has world-class experience from working with many brands in his time. The company works with only the best fabrics and cloth, and the entire collection is manufactured in the EU, within Portugal.

They were founded in June 2022 by Ruben, who has an 18-year-long tenure in the fashion trade and Daan, an international DJ and music producer (known as artist Dannic). CLUB 24 was launched to ensure you can obtain both quality and comfort when wearing a classic T-shirt, featuring designs that will transcend time but also fit in with the current trends of the season.

In my latest review, I will be taking a look at their Freedom Fit T-shirt; read on to find out more!

Style & Design

Basic T-shirts are commonplace around the world, many offering nothing new to the table; however, CLUB 24 has somehow managed to dodge any of their competitor’s shortcomings and released a tee that looks the part and stands out from the crowd. I picked out the CLUB 24 Freedom Fit T-shirt in an eye-popping Spice Red, the colour itself is something you rarely see, particularly on clothing. The colourful mix of peach, orange and dusty Red is ideal during those warm summer evenings.

In terms of branding, there is only a single CLUB 24 logo sitting proudly on the left sleeve. One cool little touch is the hidden text feature; after wearing the T-shirt during your day at the office (worn under a blazer), you can then sport the same top for a casual evening, rolling up your sleeves to reveal the “Free again” text on the right-hand sleeve. Finally, there is a small embroidered bird under the nape of the neck. There is no doubt this classic tee ticks all the boxes in the style department!


You can rock a classic T-shirt in almost any situation, even one that is as bright and bold as this Spiced Red number. The top has been crafted with a higher ribbed neck, making it suitable both worn casual with jeans and sneakers or paired with something smarter such as a business suit; you can be sure that it complements almost any look you can throw at it.


You can always determine the quality of a clothing product simply by touching the fabric, and the Freedom T-shirt doesn’t disappoint. An ultra-soft premium cotton is used, guaranteeing you an enjoyable day (no matter what life throws at you!). There were no loose threads or flaws in any part of the product that I could see; in short, top-quality.

Value For Money

The T-shirt comes at a premium price; however, this matches up nicely with the design and quality on show. We’ve all purchased cheaper clothing products, hoping for a good bargain; however, more often than not, the products in this category have little to no longevity in real-world conditions (thanks to poor construction and cheaper fabrics). Fortunately, the collection from Club 24 does not fall into this pitfall, and their T-shirts will surely give you many wears during their lifetime.


I am more than impressed with the CLUB 24 Freedom T-shirt; fantastic fit, high-level quality and that eye-popping colour all add together to make one sure-fire winner for your wardrobe! Check them out!

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*Partnership with Club 24 / Opinions are my own.


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