Ollech & Wajs M-110 AS Watch Review

Ollech & Wajs M-110 AS Watch Review

Watches are the ultimate accessory to complete any man’s fashionable ensemble, and in my latest blog post, I will be reviewing the new M-110 AS from Swiss brand Ollech & Wajs. Continue reading to find out the inner workings of this stylish timepiece.

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Back in 1956 in Zurich, Joseph Ollech and Albert Wajs teamed up to launch their watch brand, focusing on durability, robustness and quality precision and priding themselves on only using the best materials and parts.

It wasn’t long till the brand’s name reached the far corners of the world, with even American GIs adorning their wrists with the OW Monogram on the Vietnam battlefields. Even test pilots, scientists and NASA employers had a love for the Ollech & Wajs collection of watches. The OW Divers range was also popular for underwater explorers, the navy and British spy agents (the Caribbean 1000 model beat Omega and Rolex to the world record for water resistance at great sea depths).

When Albert Wajs retired in 2016, this was not the end for the brand when a collector and distributor swooped in to reinvigorate the designs, offering a wide range of new pieces that aim to bring Ollech & Wajs style of watches to a new generation.

With this in mind, my latest review will be looking over one of these new items – M-110 AS (Armée suisse)

Style & Design

The watch has been designed with an emphasis on a classic look with a military touch (hence the Armée suisse / Swiss Army tag), thanks to the bold combination of brushed steel and green hues, creating something truly eye-catching. If you look at competitors in the horology niche, there is seemingly nothing currently on the market that has managed to design a watch that looks quite like the M-110 AS. The watch is described as a ‘tactical tool’, and its history tells a great story that only boosts this statement – originally manufactured in the 50s and boasts a 100-year life expectancy, ideal for heavy-duty campaigns or even simple day-to-day civilian events.

The timepiece features a 39mm bezel shape, which is the perfect size (not too big nor too small) when worn on the wrist. The casing offers detailed numerical placement, which is helpful for additional time-keeping but adds an extra design twist. The face of the watch is solid black, albeit with the addition of the Ollech & Wajs logo and a date complication (allowing you to keep track of the days ahead).

The reverse of the watch is solid steel, showcasing the brand name once more and detailing the 300m water-resistant capability. The olive green strap is plain, except for the steel clasp, which states the year 1956 (the brand launch date).


With the striking looks of the watch hitting its target, it is only natural that the inner workings are of equal quality. A mix of an automatic movement and a solid 316L steel casing combined with genuine military-grade hemp canvas (sourced from the unused Swiss Army stock) produces a visually pleasing, high-end finished product.

The exact specifications are listed here –

  • Dimensions – 39.56mm X 12.5mm X 45.7 mm lug to lug
  • Case – Brushed 316L stainless steel, screwed bottom, screwed crown, rotating steel bezel, all crafted in the Swiss Jura area.
  • Bezel – 360-degree compass bezel with Super-LumiNova® cardinal direction markers and an angle scale.
  • Glass – Sapphire glass with anti-reflective treatment.
  • Dial – Hands, indexes and radio silence periods in Super-LumiNova®.
  • Movement – Automatic bespoke Soprod Newton Precision P092.
  • Strap – 20 mm military grade double twill hemp canvas, lined with Italian 100% soft leather.
  • Brushed 316L stainless steel, screwed bottom, screwed crown, rotating steel bezel; Made in the Swiss Jura.

Wearability & Comfort

Even though the watch sways towards a military vibe with the detailed bezel and army green colouring, it can be worn by all watch enthusiasts on almost any occasion. Along with those who live for danger and adventure on the weekends (treks through the great outdoors, mountain climbs) or those of us enrolled in the military (who were in mind during the design process), you can easily rock this horological marvel just as easily down the local pub with friends or even an impromptu shopping trip with the wife/girlfriend.

At a push, it could even make an appearance at the office on those smart/casual days or if you opt for a flashy green suit matching the colour scheme of the facia perfectly.

The watch is wonderfully comfortable, thanks to the soft-touch fabric strap, which doesn’t rub or cause irritation even after a full day of wear.

Value For Money

There is no question that the M-110 AS sits in the upper echelon price bracket; after all, premium watches famously attract a high price point. However, its high-quality parts and Swiss craftsmanship make it an easily understandable expense.


The M-110 AS arrived in a unique parcel; its outer layer is a brown box featuring text and images in the style of a letter/parcel from a bygone era (featuring the company address in a handwritten font). Within this container is a soft black dust bag for extra safety, and beyond this, we finally have the box itself – dark brown in design covered by a tint of watch designs with the brand name and logo sitting in the centre. The watch sits securely inside the solid card box, secured against a velvet fabric cushion.


The M-110 AS is undoubtedly a fantastic new release from the Swiss brand, offering a remarkable military-inspired design, outstanding production values, comfortable materials and ready-to-wear at almost any function if styled correctly. If you are in the market for a new automatic watch and have cash ready, check out this new model from Ollech & Wajs – you will not be disappointed!

Are you looking to add a new timepiece to your horological collection? Does this new OW model fulfil your purchase checklist? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments area.

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*Partnership with Ollech & Wajs / Opinions are my own.



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