How To Style A Summer Look With Land’s End Shirts And Tops

How To Style A Summer Look With Land’s End Shirts And Tops

With summer in full swing, it is time to make the most of the hotter weather while we can! (after all, it is typically fleeting!) In my latest blog post, I will showcase a couple of different looks using some pieces from Land’s End – continue reading to see more.

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Regular readers will have seen me feature the Land’s End brand before (most recently in a long-sleeve polo review here). I will attest to the quality they offer and the huge variety of clothing pieces available. So when it came to styling outfits for a summer vibe, they were the obvious choice with the amazing different shirts and tops they stock.

After checking out their current collection, I narrowed it down to an ivory linen polo shirt (ideal fabric for this weather!) and one of their flagship flannel shirts – check below to see how I styled them.

Land’s End Linen Polo Shirt

First out the gate is the fantastic linen polo shirt, which has a wonderful-looking design – simple ivory, with a contrasting darker stripe running horizontally across the top, adding a layer of depth. The fit is very structured and sits great when worn. The linen fabric gives it a flowy feel, allowing a nice level of breathability during the hotter temperatures (plus, linen is the go-to material in the summer months).

For my outfit, I paired the polo with a pair of light grey linen shorts (in a regular fit, complementing the top’s slimmer fit) and a pair of stone espadrilles (the ideal summer footwear, especially during those evening strolls). I completed the ensemble with a straw-style hat in a light brown and added a sprinkling of accessories – a watch, rings and bracelets.

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Land’s End Flagship Flannel Shirt

Next up, we have one of Land’s End’s iconic flannel shirts in a bold red plaid that really gets you noticed with that primary colourway! It is a slightly thicker fabric for summer but perfect to keep on hand for when the temperature drops (evenings would be a great choice). It boasts a slimmer tailored fit for a sleek-looking silhouette when worn.

I opted to wear it slightly unbuttoned over a darker grey t-shirt, albeit with the sleeves rolled somewhat, adding an extra flair of casual style to the proceedings. In this instance, I paired the shirt with a pair of skinny black jeans; however, shorts would work just as well, especially if taking a trip down the beach.

What do you think of my chosen looks from Land’s End for summer? Would you rock these outfits, or would you wear them differently? Let me know in the comments section below.

*Partnership with Land’s End / Opinions are my own.



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