New Brand Launch – Benjamin James Watches

New Brand Launch – Benjamin James Watches

Stylish watches are the perfect accessory to complete your outfit ensemble, and I am always on the lookout for the latest timepiece to expand my collection. In my latest fashion blog post article, I will check out the upcoming Benjamin James Watches collection – click through to learn more.

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Benjamin James has comprehensive expertise in horology, thanks to heading product development at Watch Gecko / Geckota and has taken this knowledge to found his own brand – Benjamin James Watches.

The first release launched via Kickstarter offers a rectangular design heavily inspired by the 70s and 80s that exudes a timeless look that transcends time (pun intended!).

I am happy to have acquired a personal interview with Benjamin to discuss his brand and his plans for the future.

Could you tell me more about your brand, Benjamin James?

Absolutely! Benjamin James is the next step in my career as a watch designer, taking the last 8 years of lessons to create something that genuinely stands out in the crowded watch space. We aim to create watches that redefine expectations of watch sizing, watches that tell stories and embody the spirit of human connection that is so entwined with this incredible industry. The DNA of the brand is strongly rooted in my love for classically sized watches and I have obsessively designed every detail in the pursuit of proportional perfection.

We are creating watches for people who are sick of seeing dinner-plate sized timepieces, and taking a stand on lazy design.

What inspired you to create your own watch brand?

I have been leading watch brands for the last 6 or so years and it has always been a dream to create something truly of my own, and I really felt like there were almost no good options for classically sized watches at an affordable pricepoint that really nail the details. I was sick of seeing ‘vintage inspired’ watches that inflated the sizing to where the essence of the design no longer made sense.

I’m also massively obsessed with design, being able to translate your art to the world and having the opportunity to create something that hasn’t been seen before is amazing. We went through a very long design phase, slowly refining the details to create something special.

Where did you get your inspiration for your watch design?

The watches are heavily inspired by many iconic watches of the 1970’s and 80’s, particularly in the sizing. Looking back to a time when watches actually fit your wrist and allowed the bracelet to be an impactful part of the design, since you can always view it even when looking from above (Something that doesn’t really happen when the lugs reach to the end of your wrist).

The design was also heavily inspired by my family and upbringing. My Grandad and Dad were always massive watch guys while I was growing up, and my Grandad particularly loves rectangular watches which was a big influence on my watch tastes. I have injected parts of my upbringing into the design. Such as the chevron motif heraldry dial being inspired by the coat of arms of Cheltenham – my local town growing up, and the Scarifour range is named after my childhood home.

I also wanted to create something that really found the sweet spot in terms of quality and pricing. The watches feature Swiss made movements with both mechanical and quartz options, A-grade case/bracelet finishing, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, solid milled buckle with micro adjustments etc.

Will you be expanding your products in the future?

Definitely. This is really just the beginning. The Scarifour range was designed to set the tone of the brand and create a long lasting product that can be expanded on. In the future I’m looking to experiment with materials, finishing, and also aim to create some limited edition models that really explore the boundaries of design.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

Just a massive thank you for checking out my project. We are launching on Kickstarter on the 26th of September with some really nice launch discounts to aim to bring this brand to life! So far I’ve had nearly 1000 watch lovers sign up to know when it releases so I’m really excited for the future of the brand.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming new watch release? Will you make a purchase once they are available? I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.


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