How To Dress For Success While Sticking To A Budget

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How To Dress For Success While Sticking To A Budget

You have undoubtedly heard the statement – to make the right impression at work, you must dress for success! I will give you tips and tricks on dressing sharp on an average salary in my latest article.

Incidentally, those who have been in business for many years will tell you to dress for the job you aspire for, not your current career. But, as with many things, it is easier said than done.

One of the main problems with these kinds of statements is that as you are trying to upgrade your wardrobe, you may feel you haven’t made it yet and financially cannot up-keep the high-end business look. However, you may not have been able to make your money count successfully. It can be hard to create a top-tier wardrobe on a budget, and it may seem impossible while living frugally and keeping money aside. However, this handy guide is more than possible to dress as a business professional.

Create An Inventory Of Your Existing Wardrobe

Before starting out on your new wardrobe, take a look at your existing items – clothing, footwear and accessories that complete your everyday look. Organise your items based on the type of clothing and their purpose. One method is to separate your formal / business clothes (blazers/shirts etc.) from your t-shirts and casual tops. You can get an idea of what you need to shop for from this straightforward process.

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Use Table Pieces To Create Your Professional Wardrobe

When creating your dress to success wardrobe, go back to basics with a selection of staple pieces. Invest in classic and timeless items and build upon them going forward. Choose simple blazers, black trousers and plain, clean shirts.

Create a shortlist of all of the staple pieces you own, including the number of undergarments, tops, trousers, shoes and boots which you have readily available. This type of pre-planning will help your vision when you need to go on a shopping spree for new apparel. As a result, you can avoid overbuying, especially when you are on a budget.

Search For Alternative Brands And Budget Deals

After figuring out what items you are missing for your professional ensemble, you may well have set your heart on a designer piece of clothing that is far out of your budget. In this instance, look at alternatives such as lookalikes or cheap brands to find the best budget-friendly deals and update your wardrobe accordingly. Subsequently, this can lower the cost of clothing items you require but still allow you to look classy at work.

If you need an example, shirts from Dior or Armani may cost anywhere up to £1000, which can also be said for footwear. If you are on the lookout for a new pair of boots, rather than spend hundreds on a well-known brand, it may be wise to research and find budget boots that are just as suitable and fashionable without breaking the bank.

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Take Care Of Your Clothing And Accessories

One of the easiest ways to keep your spending to a minimum is to take good care of the clothes that you already own. For example, avoid wearing certain clothes in unsuitable environments or conditions, wash and dry them regularly (if required), and use stain removers if needed.

Always pay attention to care instructions on the labels of your professional clothing attire, especially if they are created using fragile materials. For example, some items can only be hand-washed, and a standard washing machine or dryer can damage the clothing.

Buy Items In Bulk

One of the best ways to save your hard-earned cash when building up your new clothing wardrobe is by buying in bulk. If you wear the same shirt or trousers on a daily basis, purchasing multiple items can allow your allocated budget to go a long way. A great way to buy in bulk is by visiting outlet stores, online shopping or even directly from the manufacturers.

Arrange A Clothing Swap

An interesting way to reinvigorate your wardrobe is via a clothing swap; it may seem like a lot of hard work! But if you think of the number of unused clothing items building up at the back of your wardrobe, imagine them swapped for clothes you will wear (especially for the office).

One way is to organise a “dress for success” clothing swap evening with friends or work colleagues.

Stick To Your Style

It is very easy to change your opinion, especially with clothing, the current trends can often take over your mind! Mainly thanks to TV, when out shopping or even on social media. It is always best to stick to your own style rather than waste money on what is currently popular.

If starting your new career on a budget, build your wardrobe based on your own unique style and roll with it. If you look professional, embracing your own look is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to dress for success while on a budget, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Armed with the knowledge of what clothes you already own, what new items you need, and where to shop, you can certainly save a lot of money!

Doing your research on staple items, looking for alternative (and often cheaper) brands, looking after your clothes, and buying in bulk can help you build up an updated professional wardrobe without upsetting your bank manager!


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