Montblanc + James Purdey & Sons Meisterstück Great Masters Fountain Pen

Montblanc + James Purdey & Sons Meisterstück Great Masters  Fountain Pen

Sometimes a fashionable gent needs to upgrade from the very basic, albeit dependable biro! There is undoubtedly one brand that is always at the forefront of premium writing utensils – Montblanc. I take a look at one of their new releases in my latest men’s fashion blog post!

This particular product is a special edition release from Montblanc who has collaborated with James Purdey & Sons to create an updated Meisterstück Great Masters fountain pen. Originally on the market in 1924, which showcases its longevity in the pen world. This top-end accessory boasts impressive production values, manufactured in Germany out of Turkish Walnut, which gives itself a truly standout colouring, the design is finished off with ruthenium plating and a checkered engraving. Each pen is shipped within a dedicated gift box, making this item an ideal surprise gift for a loved one (or even yourself!).

In this day and age when nearly everything is digital, beautiful pens along with automatic mechanical watches still show that there is an attraction to old world designs and constructions, even if they have been superseded in functionality by their digital counterparts!

What do you think of this new pen release from Montblanc? Are you a fan of designer accessories like this or would you happily stick with a simple biro or jotting your notes down on your phone?

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