How To Style A BooHoo Hoodie

How To Style A BooHoo Hoodie

There is no denying that the clothing brand BooHoo is causing a storm across the UK and further afield thanks to their massive range of different items. In my latest mens fashion blog post, I take a look at how to style one of their popular casual hoodies.

BooHoo is now one of the UK’s leading clothing companies (despite what is a particularly non-descript and it must be said, odd name!), of course they have reached these heady heights primarily due to a relentless marketing campaign and rock bottom price points (you would be quite unlucky to purchase something from them at full price – sales are seemingly neverending!). The brand offers both men’s and women’s collections, mostly based around nights out or streetwear. I will be quite honest in that not much of their clothing suits me or even fits me well, however, this hoodie was calling out to me and fortunately fitted just how I like! In honour of this rare feat, I decided it was only fair to dedicate this whole blog post to the sweatshirt and accompanying ensemble.

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The BooHoo hoodie is a release from their latest range which interestingly uses the word ‘bark’ as the colour choice; however, in reality, it is more like a pale mauve hue. It is slightly oversized, which portrays a nice contrast compared to my James Jeans Women’s Skinny jeans, giving off a striking silhouette. I paired both the hoodie and the denim with some Adidas Sneakers which use a beige body mixed with a cherry red and navy stripe palette (one of the best colour ways I’ve seen, regrettably not worn as often as they should be!). I finished off the look with a charcoal New Era Baseball Cap for a typical street vibe, details consisted of a selection of different jewellery pieces from Emanuele Bicocchi (rings and chain bracelet), Gone.Archive (necklace) and Rado (automatic skeleton watch).


The sun was heavy on this day, causing numerous lighting issues! Out in the open was harsh bright white, in the shade was almost solid black, both totally unsuitable for fashion photography. We made the joint decision to postpone the shoot till after we had eaten, waiting until the sun dropped away slightly, allowing us a fighting chance. Once we left the restaurant and evening was approaching, we tried once more and found a good area which consisted of a mix of street scenery (complete with cars) and a space to sit down, which I always like to include in the set of images.


  • Choose simple or plain coloured hoodies from BooHoo.
  • Slightly oversized to avoid a tight fit.
  • Pair with skinny jeans or fitted trousers.
  • Minimal footwear choices, simple or muted colour palettes.
  • Accessories like a baseball cap, watch and bracelets to complete the look.

Are you a fan of the BooHoo brand and their selection of affordable and fashion pieces? Or do you steer clear of the company? Let me know your opinions and also your thoughts of what you think of this look in the comments section!


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