Top 5 Formal Wear Accessories For Men

Top  Formal Wear Accessories For Men

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and this is especially true for men’s formalwear. In my latest blog post, I will look at the top 3 additions to level up your smart clothing collection.

When you think of formal wear for men, you instantly consider a shirt, tie, smart trousers, knitwear, or even a full-blown three-piece suit. Individually, these are excellent choices, yet adding the correct accessories will elevate them to superstar status! 

You may wonder, “How can I improve my outfit?” Fortunately, I’m here to help with my latest list and guide you towards the best accessories for the task.


Formal wear and ties often go hand in hand, and adding that soft-touch fabric to an otherwise naked button-up can transform it entirely.  Ties come in all sorts of different fabrics and materials, from simple (yet effective) cotton to luxurious silk or even tweed (although tweed can be hard to tie effectively due to its thickness).

If you work in an office environment, a basic crisp white or pastel-coloured shirt can be instantly upgraded by adding a complementary-coloured tie (or even one with a cool pattern!). There are almost unlimited brands available that offer ties in their collection (and some dedicated brands, too). Some of my personal favourites include Next, Moss, and Thomas Pink if you are feeling bold.


Men’s cufflinks can bring finesse to your button-up shirts by adding a sprinkle of glint and glamour, thanks to the vast amount of designs available. With so many options, you can easily play around with different styles that will pair with your outfit that day. Colours to match your jacket, a pattern to complement your tie, or even a shade that reflects your mood – endless possibilities!

If you are looking for men’s designer cufflinks, you could also check out the different metals available, from classic steel to gold, platinum, or even rhodium, for something a little different. Adding a pair of cufflinks to your business attire is a surefire way to increase your fashionable status in the workplace, at an event, or even at dinner with your partner.


A classic watch can be a nice touch of arm (well, wrist!) candy that will add the final touch to your formalwear. Each time you raise your wrist to check the time, your suit sleeve and shirt cuff will raise enough so you can read the dial (and you will be able to appreciate the mix of fabrics and metal all at once). Of course, you can achieve this even with just a humble shirt, as a Swiss watch (if chosen correctly) will add style points to pretty much anything.

You could opt for a classic watch with a leather strap and silver or gold metalwork, which will work with any formal ensemble. Alternatively, you could grab a sports watch (like my Omega Terra) with a stainless steel casing, which will work with your business suit and also on dressed-down days in casual wear.

Leather Goods

You can add various leather accessories to your suit and shirt styles, such as a wallet, briefcase, hold-all, or even a so-called man bag (which, after the initial ridicule around the world, has now been accepted—I’m personally a fan).

One of the current top brands in the market is undoubtedly Grams28, which offers a wide array of different items. One of my top picks is the leather city sling, which I reviewed here.


A quality leather belt completes your suited attire, especially if it matches your other clothing and accessories. Choose a modern slim-width version (rather than a big-bulky model), and remember to adhere to the age-old idea that your belt colour needs to match your shoes, i.e. black with black and brown with brown.

By adding a quality tie, wristwatch, cufflinks, leather accessory, and belt to your formalwear wardrobe, you will be hitting all the right notes in terms of fashionability. Remember to choose items that have a timeless aesthetic so that you will have classic elements that will last you for many seasons to come. Once you have these essentials in your repertoire, you can wow anyone with your stylish looks.

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