The London Sock Company Gift Set Review

The London Sock Company Gift Set Review

Socks for men are an important part of any outfit, be it a smart three-piece suit or a casual look, playing an essential role as a cog within a much larger machine. Undoubtedly there are hundreds if not thousands of different choices available …however some like those from The London Sock Company have quality on their side to stay one step ahead of the competition. For my latest men’s fashion blog post review, I will be examining one of their boxsets. Read on to find out more!

The London Sock Company was founded in 2013 has been going from strength to strength as an international brand delivering to over 100 Countries. The team aspired to create and design socks for men that wanted to add character and personality yet manage to avoid the pitfall of becoming the ‘novelty socks’ guy. Always using the best materials and knitting methods to ensure each sock looks good and lasts even longer! Additionally, with their ‘Pull Your Socks Up’ campaign they have shown that they are a firm believer in giving back to the community by supporting a variety of charities including Style For Soldiers, Homeless Charity Crisis, NSPCC and many men.

For the review, I will be taking a closer look at the Shaken & Stirred II, 3 Pair Gift Set.

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Design & Style

There is no doubt that the London Sock Company designs are striking and the three pairs in this gift set are certainly flamboyant, while also classy at the same time. Each pair features a houndstooth design yet each boasts a unique colour scheme (all of which have been designed by award-winning designer Eleni Kyriacou). In the pack is an understated grey pair for those typical formal occasions, a bold sky blue number for those more lighthearted days and finally a standout fiery orange pair for when you really want to dazzle each time your trouser leg rises up during walking and especially sitting!

Wearability & Comfort

With the beautiful colours on offer, you are given a vast array of options when it comes to pairing with outfits. The grey pair would undoubtedly be my most worn pair (although your mileage will vary according to your personal style!). In this fashion-forward world, vibrant sock colours have their place depending on the occasion or if you’re just feeling adventurous on an otherwise dull day!
There is no question the London Sock Company products are incredibly comfortable to wear. Each of the items within the set is crafted using a soft and smooth Scottish Lisle Cotton yarn combined with stretch-fit fibres for that extra touch of cosiness your hard-working feet deserve.


I love how the socks came packaged! Beautiful, sturdy black box with just the company logo embossed in silver on top of the lid …once opened, you will be greeted with the three pairs of socks lined up together, neatly folded. As first impressions go, this is up there with the best of them! Once taken out of the box, you will find that each sock is individually tagged with card branding and strip of ribbon to hold it wrapped – both of which are easily removable. The advantage of the boxed packaging is that once worn and washed; the socks can easily be stored inside the box if you so wish.

Value For Money

When it comes to cost, this sock gift set sits firmly in the slightly higher price bracket than your common or garden highstreet socks – but this can be attributed to the higher level of quality which also comes with it. Indeed, not everyone will be willing to spend this kind of money on socks, but then they were never really designed with that demographic in mind. Those who are looking for a premium product for their feet will happily justify the higher price. Incidentally, the (James Bond-inspired) Shaken & Stirred II pack will make a marvellous gift for someone, be it a Birthday, Christmas or just a surprise present for a job well done.


In my final assessment, I am happy to give the London Sock Company gift set highly deserved top marks – offering beautiful designs, everyday wearability, comfortable and wrapped up in a neat little package. Recommended! What are your thoughts and opinions of this sock gift set? Let me know your thoughts!

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*Partnership with The London Sock Company / Opinions are my own.


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