Under 5’10 Check Flannel Shirt Review

Under 5’10 Check Flannel Shirt Review

I’m excited to introduce a particularly unique brand for my latest review – Under 5’10. They offer a niche product for guys who fall under the 5 foot 10 size bracket, allowing them to finally obtain clothing which fits them correctly without any additional alterations. Read on to find out more!

The company started its life when the founders realised that there was very little in the way of options for shorter guys. After an extensive search throughout a wide selection of stores and hundreds of shirts within, they discovered that the only shirts available were totally unsuitable unless you identified as a certain height. All of the shirts tested suffered from the same problems – too long in the arms, overly big in the neck and the total length was much too long. After some investigation, they were shocked to find that the majority of clothing manufacturers cut their shirts to an average size of 5′ 10″ (the most common height in the US). Even so, there are well over 32 million men who fall below this size range, which is an awful lot of the population who are not sufficiently catered for when it comes to clothing choices.

In the wake of this eye-opening discovery, the Under 5’10 company was founded, quickly gathering like-minded individuals to form an expert team. They are determined to offer clothing without the overinflated prices or sacrificing quality in the process.

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Design & Style

The style of shirt I picked out from the brand is a classic black and white checked flannel style button down, something which I’ve always wanted to add to my wardrobe. These shirts are one of the few clothing pieces which have a timeless nature which never goes out of fashion, If you look back over the last century there are endless instances of men rocking a shirt just like this, from Hollywood legends to the average joe on the street.

Fabric & Details

The shirt is manufactured using brushed cotton which is incredibly soft to touch, quite often shirts at a similar price point feel harsh against the skin, yet this shirt from Under 5’10 manages to avoid this pitfall entirely. The details on the shirt conform to a minimalist look, forgoing any additional chest pockets for a more streamlined appearance. Each of the sleeve cuffs follows through with this practice, featuring only a single button.

Wearability & comfort

The checked flannel shirt is something that can be easily picked out for a variety of different occasions. Worn casual with denim and a pair of boots or even tucked in with a pair of trousers and shoes for a smarter style. My personal choice would certainly be the former as I love that cowboy look!

As already stated, the fabric of the shirt is astonishingly soft with its use of brushed cotton fabric, even on my very first wear I didn’t even feel a hint of irritation during a full day out. This is a particularly important factor when choosing clothing pieces, after all, you do not want to suffer any discomfort throughout your working day or even during a night out!


The brand takes great pride in the fit of its clothing, which is something that I also believe in. If the design of your new purchase is on point, if the fit is poor, then no amount of ‘on trend’ style can save it from looking sloppy when worn. All of their products are created for guys who are under 5’10” and if you are in this category you are in for a treat! I fall just under that bracket and I can instantly notice the positives. The end of the sleeves sit comfortably at my wrists (compared to many brands in which the sleeve is too long) and its overall length stops at the belt loops on my jeans, instead of falling around mid-thigh. For the purpose of the review on my men’s fashion blog, I wore two different sizes in the photos, size Small for a slimmer fitted look (which is what I would normally prefer) and a size medium for a relaxed fit.

Price & Value For Money

The cost of the shirts from Under 5’10 is extremely competitive compared to similar button downs on the market, however thanks to their agenda of providing a superior fit to shorter guys, this definitely gives them the edge when it comes to new customers making a purchase. When it comes to value, the high level of quality evident in each thread will ensure your brand new shirt will last you a very long time before you need to look at a replacement.


I have to give the brand a round of applause, they have ultimately achieved what they set out to do. Offering a top quality stylish shirt which fits well for a shorter guy at a very reasonable price. If you are currently in the situation where you struggle to obtain a shirt which fits how you desire, then you should certainly give Under 5’10 a try!

Have you experienced issues with ill-fitting clothing because of your height, if so, would you give these shirts a test? I would love to hear your experiences and opinions in the comments section!

*Paid Partnership with Under 5’10 / Opinions are my own.


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