AsoRock Rosegold Speedracer Watch Review

AsoRock Rosegold Speedracer Watch Review

It is time (pun intended) to review another watch on my lifestyle blog – The AsoRock Nigeria Rose Gold Speedracer. Read on to find out more about this brand new release!

AsoRock is something of a trailblazer in the world of horology, proudly offering the very first selection of premium watches to hail from Nigeria. The idea behind the brand sits firmly on the shoulders of founders Ben Iroala and Andrew Mutale who are Nigerian American and Zambian American descent. Both are keen watch enthusiasts who have taken it upon themselves to take a stand against the sometimes extortionate price points of luxury watches on the market, creating affordable timepieces without cutting corners on design or quality.

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AsoRock states that they offer high-quality watches at prices which fall well under half of their closest competitors, allowing many more people to own a premium timepiece. Additionally, AsoRock (the name of which is inspired by the Central Nigerian mountain range) has also pledged to donate much of its sales profit to help build WiFi equipped libraries throughout Africa, enabling the communities in those villages to have access to additional forms of education.

For the following review, I will be taking a closer look at one of their standout products, the Gold Speedracer, keep reading to find out more!

Design And Shape

When you first cast your eyes upon the Gold Speedracer, you are instantly impressed with its considerable shape and well-defined edges, presenting contrasting colours in solid black and rose gold, it is truly a feast for the eyes!
The bezel surrounding the face features two contrasting sections, the first is a brushed textured black section, whereas the second is rose gold, gleaming and smooth to touch, adding a beautiful juxtaposition effect. The face sports a unique patterned design, on top of which sits three additional dials (for the chronograph). The hands are white, contained within a gold outline, while the facial numbers are fashioned using the same rose gold colouring.

The strap is constructed from a high-quality rubber material, using a metal clasp to ensure that once locked onto your wrist, it is going nowhere. One thing to note, even when the strap is left undone, the strap does not lay flat, and each edge is permanently attached. The case size is a hefty 45mm, which is undoubtedly large, demanding your undivided attention and of anyone who catches a glimpse of your watch.

Wearability And Comfort

This watch has multiple wardrobe options available to it, enabling the wearer to pair it with casual options such as jeans and a simple T-Shirt, or even a check shirt and boots for a slightly more formal occasion. The Speedracer can also be paired effectively with a three-piece suit, especially if you choose to combine it with other rose gold jewellery items, such as tie pins or cufflinks.

When it comes down to comfortability, you are also in safe hands with AsoRock, thanks to the tough (yet soft) rubber strap, you will be able to wear this watch for as long as your day lasts before you need to hit the sack. No question, this is an all purpose all day timepiece!

Construction And Mechanism

Despite the relatively low cost of owning an AsoRock watch, the production qualities are on par with items valued at two or three times their retail price. Its construction is robust and hard wearing, even from holding the watch you can instantly recognise its premium craftsmanship. The casing is formed using 316L carbon stainless steel and the glass is sapphire crystal coated, helping to keep scratches at bay.

The internal mechanism is the world-renowned Citizen Miyota Movement, famed for its excellent time keeping and is even used in designer quartz Swiss watches, so it is easy to appreciate its suitability for the AsoRock range.


In keeping with the luxurious style of the watch, the packaging too is of top quality, created using an effective all black material, free of any print except the brand’s name. The watch is held securely in place inside within sturdy foam, ensuring it arrives at its destination unscathed.


In summary, my first experience with the AsoRock Nigeria brand has been overwhelmingly positive! Beautiful design, hardwearing and impeccable timekeeping. I recommend you give their new collection a try! What do you think of the Gold Speedracer? Leave your comments below.

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