Forge & Foster Titan X Noble Watch Review

Forge & Foster Titan X Noble Watch Review

Watches are one of my guilty pleasures; despite owning many in my lifetime, the obsession with pretty little things goes unabated and something that will always pique my interest! In my latest fashion blog review, I take a look at one of the beautiful timepieces from Forge & Foster.

Hark back to London in 2016, visionary Steve Allen was at a loss trying to complete the impossible task of finding a balance of a high-end quality watch but at a wallet-friendly price. His search for this perfect blend of calibre and value stopped after many dead ends; rather than giving up on his quest, he took the bull by the horns and launched his own brand, filling that elusive gap in the market. This gamble indeed paid off; the company now boasts a worldwide fan base, estimated to have shipped to well over a hundred different countries worldwide, telling that others, too, were hunting for this very same goal.

For my review, I will be taking a look at one of their iconic pieces – Forge & Foster – Titan X Noble.

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Design & Style

The watch boasts a truly fantastic design, opting for a more fashion-forward Tonneau barrel shape (roughly translating as “Barrel” in French). The almost rectangular appearance is a breath of fresh air surrounded by the endless round watch faces on the market. The casing is a medium size 41mm and is constructed using 316L stainless steel, bathed in a rose gold coating. The strap is crafted using vulcanised rubber in black, which is the perfect contrast against the metalwork of the watch itself.

The stand out feature is undoubtedly the open skeleton design of the face, allowing you to peer inside at the magic of the automatic movement tirelessly working away in the background. It is always an extraordinary sight to see the workings moving back and forth throughout the day, especially if you flip the watch over to gaze at the rear mechanics in all their beauty.

Overall, the watch is a glory to behold, a visual treat for the eyes – the complementary blend of rose gold, gold, silver and black work together seamlessly with the grand design to make an altogether stunning wrist accessory. This timepiece has that special something that allows you to wear it both to formal events (such as business meetings or even a wedding) and casual jaunts out, such as nights out with friends.

The Titan X Noble is only one of the various watches available from Forge & Foster, with all of their styles offering a unique personality – choosing only one will be a task in itself.

Wearability & Comfort

Thanks to the soft rubber strap, the material slips around your wrist easily and securely, but also the key point is that it is supremely comfortable to wear. The vulcanised rubber ensures no catching of your skin on a metal bracelet (I know from experience that it is most unpleasant!). I wore the watch for an extensive amount of time, and I found no hint of discomfort, definitely another plus point for the London based brand.

Construction & Mechanism

The internal workings of the Titan X Noble are nothing short of exemplary, offering up a 21-Jewel Skeleton Automatic Seagull Movement. Fellow watch enthusiasts will attest that this is the only way to keep track of time – powering your watch using your own kinetic movement is an ageless practice, which still holds its own in the days of smartphones and watches.

The watch features a 41-hour power reserve, so once fully charged, you can safely leave the watch unworn for almost two days without fear of dropping time. Additionally, this accessory is more than suited for those deep-sea divers amongst us – with a water resistance of 5 ATM; you can safely descend to 50 metres while rocking your brand new timepiece! It is also worth noting that the watch features a bi-directional auto and self-wind bezel; often this type of mechanism is only found on very high end watches.


The Forge & Foster watch comes packaged inside a smooth textured black sleeve; within this resides the box itself, made from solid cardboard, ensuring the contents is well protected. Inside the outer structure is a soft fabric inlay and small cushion, holding your new purchase securely in place.


Without a doubt, the Titan X Noble is a beautiful watch, and if you are on the lookout for a new fashion accessory, this release from Forge & Foster ticks a lot of those important boxes! Beautifully designed, high-end production quality, comfortable to wear and all at a reasonable price point of £215 – this brand is going for the jugular of its closest competitors on the market. Top marks overall from me! Check out the brand now! You will not be disappointed!

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*Partnership with Forge & Foster / Opinions are my own.


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