Boda Skins Classic Biker Jacket Review

Boda Skins Classic Biker Jacket Review

Leather jackets for men are an iconic and some would say necessity in every modern wardrobe, offering up a mix of edgy-cool and sophistication that very little else can even aspire to when it comes to clothing choices. So for my latest blog post, I finally turn my attention back to the luxury brand – Boda Skins, for an in-depth review of their classic biker jacket.

I’ve been a fan of Boda Skins for several years; as far back as 2018, I featured their timeless Kay Michaels jacket with a very positive reaction from both me and readers in its dedicated review.

Boda Skins began life in Manchester some 12 years ago and is only going from strength to strength; founder Nathan Andrews had a vision and a goal and grew the company to unexpected heights. Additionally, the brand aspires to use only sustainable materials, working closely with selected, certified factories to ensure waste is kept to a minimum nor dangerous to the environment. The brand is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on, with an ever-increasing range, constantly growing their collection. Without further ado, let me move on to the focus of this article – the review of the Bodaskins Classic Biker Jacket.

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Design & Style

This classic biker is a sight to behold, offering a design synonymous with bikers and rockers the world over – overall sleeker in its appearance compared to the flagship Kay Michaels, dropping the infamous padded arms in favour of a smooth finish. The jacket features traditional shoulder epaulettes, side pockets, sleeve zippers and a small front pocket (often seen on high-end biker jackets). I opted for the platinum hardware (from a choice of 3 – platinum / gun-metal / gold), which is the perfect complement to the matte black leather.

Comfort & Wearability

The construction and fabric are undoubtedly bathed in luxury, constructed using 100% polished Nappa sheepskin leather, filled with a cushioning of quilted cotton, ensuring that comfort is the least of your worries when rocking your new Boda! With the design based around that classic biker style, you have a variety of options available to you when it comes to outfit choices – you can go full rocker, with skinny denim, cowboy boots and an abundance of jewellery for the ultimate cool! Alternatively, layer the jacket of much more conservative looks (T-shirts/knitwear/shirt and tie), which will still strike an unenviable ensemble.


When it came to sizing, it was recommended I chose an S (whereas my Kay Michaels was an XS) for a slightly looser look – however, I went with my gut and sized down. The size lower gave me a slightly snugger fit, both in the shoulders and arms, offering a better silhouette overall. Your mileage may vary, but I could still wear slimmer knits along with a t-shirt without any problems, even with the smaller size.

Value For Money

There is no question that Boda Skins jackets hold a high price point, but as with the highly coveted Kay Michaels, the RRP is well and truly justified! The quality and fit are sublime to warrant the expense on your bank account!


If you have been keeping track throughout the review, you will almost certainly know that this Boda Skins Classic Biker Jacket is getting top marks from me! Excellent production quality, extremely comfortable fit and a beautiful design – What more can you ask for from a premium jacket! A Recommended addition to any wardrobe!

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*Gifted By Boda Skins / Opinions are my own.


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