The Top 3 Automatic Omega Watches

The Top 3 Automatic Omega Watches

Omega is one of the most desirable watch brands in the world, whose collection ranges from timeless classics to modern sports designs, and all are created with Swiss craftsmanship and expertise. In the following article, I will select the top 3 Omega designs available on the market today.

I have been a fan of Omega for many years (since I was young) and have always aspired to own at least one – their design and style have always had an edge over many of their competitors. The brand has notably been associated with several large-scale collaborations, including the NASA moon landings and featured in many James Bond movies.

Thanks to the brand’s popularity and high-quality production levels, their price points are notoriously high. However, you can acquire one of these luxury pieces from reputable pre-owned watch market places such as Chrono24, who offer a wide selection at much more reasonable prices (I have purchased a Swiss watch myself on the second-hand market).

Without further ado, let me continue with my top 3 Omega Watches –

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

The Omega Aqua Terra is my personal favourite, largely thanks to it being my very first Swiss watch (which I reviewed here) and even after owning it for almost a decade, it is still my go-to. Sitting within the famed Seamaster banner of watches, its maritime heritage holds true with its 150-metre water-resistance depth capability and 8900 automatic calibre movement.

The Aqua Terra was first launched in 2002 and has, for the most part, kept the original design, with only a few alterations to subsequent releases (most notably, the addition of vertical lines replacing the plain face, which in turn was changed to horizontal lines in recent years). This Seamaster is available in various colourways, including black, blue, white and now a stunning olive green, paired with a traditional leather strap or a more hardy metal bracelet.

Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

The Moonwatch will always be remembered and revered, and the current model is notable in that it was inspired by the 4th generation Speedmaster worn during the moon landing. Even without associating with one of the most important events from the 20th century, the watch’s design is no slouch either – striking black bezel and face complemented with white and beige details and text, stainless steel bracelet and central chronograph functionality.

The watch has had many upgrades since its initial launch, and the new models offer the best modern technologies available with improved precision, reliability, and excellence with Master Chronometer certification.

Omega Seamaster Diver

The Seamaster is a stunningly beautiful watch, which notably gained a lot of extra attention and popularity as it was James Bond’s timepiece of choice for the Goldeneye movie (pairing with Pierce Brosnan’s first appearance as the titular character), and continued to be worn by the secret agent ever since for the last 25 years.

The classic version featured a silver bracelet and bezel with a blue face and curved lines, which is a very popular style even now. Other varieties are available, including white, black, green and even grey face styles, along with additions of gold on some of the higher-priced models. As with other Omega’s, you can opt for metal bracelets, leather or a more casual rubber strap.

Additionally, you can currently lay your hands on a very limited edition Omega Seamaster 300M Diver James Bond 007 60th Anniversary, which sits at a massive £142K price point! (one for the huge Bond fans!). The watch features a number of mango tree references (such as the yellow and green treated diamonds), which allude to the very first Bond movie Dr No and the song “Underneath The Mango Tree” played during the memorable beach scene.

So there we have my top 3 Omega Watch choices; having just one of these in your collection will undoubtedly upgrade your accessories selection and outfit ensembles.

Do you already have an Omega watch in your collection? If so, what model do you have? I look forward to hearing more about your horological collection.


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