The 7 Best Breguet Tradition Watches

The 7 Best Breguet Tradition Watches

Watches are far more than a way to tell the time; they are an accessory that easily elevates your style, and with a Breguet, it is not only a fashion statement but a lifestyle – in my latest blog post, I check out the top 7 Breguet Tradition watches available.

The Breguet Tradition collection has lowered the entry cost of ultra-exclusive and high-end watch collecting to a much more reasonable level. They start at eye-watering mid-5 figures, but they feature rare engineering qualities that will make any horological collector stand up and take notice.

If you want to add a lovely new statement piece to your existing collection or break the bank and splash out on your first expensive watch, then the Breguet Tradition is the perfect choice.

What You Should Know About Breguet Tradition Watches

The Tradition range pays homage to Abraham-Louis’s first designs from the 18th century. Very few competitors in the market can boast such a rich history; as a comparison, many well-known watch brands re-release so-called classics from the 1930s-1960s, whereas Breguet remodels a true classic from the year 1796.

In 2005, Breguet Tradition watches used the classic design of their “Souscription Pocket Watch,” which gained its name because would-be customers would pay a down payment (1/4 of the cost), and the balance was paid once construction was completed.

The Souscription was a large pocket watch with a simplified face design yet had a very intricate internal movement. The new variation of Breguet Tradition timepieces permits you to view these movements through the dial and the reverse of the case. With a nod to its history, many retailers allow you to obtain one of these delightful pieces via interest-free finance.

Very few accessories allow the owner to feel as special as when wearing something designed during the French Revolution (carrying the “tradition” of the era).

Top Features

Breguet Tradition watches have an undeniably distinctive look; only true timepiece lovers can appreciate these unique nuances. To the uninformed eye, they can appear quite outlandish, yet to enthusiasts, the intricate inner workings set them apart from rival watch brands.


Skeleton dials are used for Breguet Tradition watches, exposing the internal movement and allowing you to see the beauty within – from anthracite or gold finish and various tourbillon complications, ensuring the very best accuracy and precision. This old-school brand invariably uses hand-wound models, but they also offer a variety of self-winding pieces.


The Tradition watch dials have a relatively different style than many other brands – the top portion of the face (in the 12 O’clock position) has a circular disc containing the numbered markers using Breguet’s iconic moon-tipped hands. The remainder of the face is used solely to allow the wearer to marvel at the cogs and works of the watch.


Each Breguet Tradition watch uses a metal casing fabricated using precious metals such as platinum or gold. Typically, the cylindrical cases use sizes between 37-44mm with fluted edges for a polished finish.

Luxury Strap

Breguet traditionally offers alligator straps for all their time-pieces, typically in black or brown. Alternatively, you can add a dash of vibrancy with their coloured straps, such as red, blue, or green.

The 7 Best Breguet Tradition Watches for Gentlemen

With Breguet offering so many different designs from the last two centuries, it can be challenging to narrow them down! My latest list will suggest my top 7 for the Average Guy.

Breguet Tradition 7057BB/11/9W6 – The Original – $29,900

Comparatively simple compared to many of its brothers and sisters, this Breguet Tradition is still ultimately sophisticated. The dial displays the mainspring (the power supply), releasing energy into the watch. The 7057 additionally uses a stylishly looking power reserve crescent-shaped indicator, adding a nice touch to the overall design.

The casing uses a white gold material, adding that extra level of luxury, especially when paired with the striking Breguet leather strap.

Breguet La Tradition GMT 7067BR/G1/9W6 – The Classy Traveller – $41,200

The 7067 could be considered the holy grail for a modern-day businessman who frequently flies around the globe. This particular Breguet Tradition features a dual time zone, each represented as individual discs. The primary zone is silver and positioned at 12’ O Clock, and the second zone is black and situated at 8’ O Clock (additionally, they have a secondary function as day and night time indicators).

Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597BB/GY/9WU – The Sophisticated Man – $40,800

Mechanical watches are engineering masterpieces, yet the idea of regular winding can be daunting; fortunately, the Breguet 7597 offers the best of both worlds, using an automatic movement with tourbillion and a calendar function. The brand has used a 22-carat gold rotor, which keeps the watch charged as you walk (with a full charge lasting an estimated 50 hours).

Additionally, the watch features a date “Quantieme Rétrograde” function, using  Arabic numeral dates and white gold markers for alternate dates.

Breguet Tradition Chronographe Independant 7077BB/G1/9XV – Avant-Garde Chronograph – $84,000

The 7077 uses a chronograph design, which features independent wheels limiting the wear and tear to the main movement, and the function is controlled using simple pushers on the side of the case.

There is a power reserve indicator, and a 20-minute timer etched into the movement itself. Finally, a chronometer on/off switch is included at the 6 O’clock position to aid ease of use.

Breguet Tradition 7097BR/G1/9WU – Retrograde Seconds-  $34,400

This Breguet is a stunning automatic time-piece with a retrograde seconds function (seconds subdial), which is overall less complicated than the previous 7077 model listed.

It is undeniably classy in appearance, ideal for that upcoming fashionable event, and the sapphire case back allows you to view the shovel-shaped rotor in use.

Overall, it is very similar to its 7057 brothers but with the addition of a seconds window to replace the standard power indicator (although this requires an additional $6k!).

Breguet Tradition Dame 7038BB/1T/9V6/D00D – The Tahitian Beauty – $41,000

The Breguet was originally designed for ladies, thanks to its smaller size, but it can still be worn by gents who prefer a less intrusive wristwatch, and the additional touch of colour is a bonus, too.

The dial uses an exotic Tahitian mother-of-pearl design with a monochromatic tone, a refreshing change from the gold or black designs favoured by previous models in this list.

The 7038 has a white gold case that is only 37mm in diameter, along with a selection of 68 brilliant-cut diamonds. Finally, this horological beauty uses retrograde seconds as an alternative method to read the time.

Breguet Tradition Tourbillon 7047 7047PT/1Y/9ZU – The Godfather – $199,700

Finishing off this list with what is considered the ultimate Breguet Tradition watch (the Godfather of the family) – undoubtedly one of the most valuable models in the collection (even without any additional diamonds or jewels).

This Breguet is a “Grand Complication” with a fusée tourbillon (itself extremely rare) that improves the overall precision by compensating for mainsprings torque. The fusee is a conical-shaped pulley attached to the mainspring by a chain wrapped around the wheels.

Finally, this watch has a power reserve indicator hand-engraved onto the barrel drum, almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye, portraying a machine-like car speedometer appearance.


If you choose to own a Breguet Tradition, you will acquire a horological masterpiece showing your true taste for the watchmaking process. If cared for appropriately, they will last for generations, and their value will naturally increase over time.

A Breguet Tradition is a luxurious fashion accessory that will raise any outfit to the next level, earning extra respect from fellow enthusiasts.

What do you think of my latest article? Are you a fan of Breguet Tradition watches? Would you love to add one to your timepiece collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


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