Omega Seamaster – The Perfect Accessory?

Omega Seamaster – The Perfect Accessory?

Luxury watches have always been an essential accessory in a man’s wardrobe, even with the advent of smartphones (and the casual method of glancing at your device to tell the time) has not damaged the horological market. Designer timepieces are stylish, functional, and more helpful overall than even the most lavish jewellery pieces.

If you go one step further and consider high-end Swiss watchmakers, they offer a vast wealth of different features combining style and substance in one package. In-built compasses, diamond detailing and even slip-resistant straps are just the tip of the iceberg regarding extras included in the latest luxury timepieces. Additionally, consider the fantastic heritage of some of the most established watchmakers that still influence watch models today.

OMEGA is undoubtedly the leading watchmaker in all respects – throughout its 175-year history, the brand has created a huge array of celebrated timepieces since its inception (some are even linked to world-defining events such as the moon 1969 moon landing). The OMEGA Seamaster model is particularly special and rates as one of their most popular models – launched in 1948 to huge applause, and even today is considered a watch that remains a cornerstone of their collection.

This celebrated timepiece is the ultimate accessory, and here are a few essential points that will showcase why –

Pioneering Craftsmanship

OMEGA helped the Allied war effort during WWII (supplying the British military with durable watches) and, as such, gained considerable knowledge of real-world factors, including the elements such as water. Once the war had ended, the company took this newfound information to develop watches that could be used underwater, and this pioneering venture birthed the first official dive watch – The OMEGA Seamaster. It featured a revolutionary strong case, providing underwater protection, and its worldwide success ensured that OMEGA would be influential in dive watch technology.

Special Luxury Features

All OMEGA Seamaster watches boast water resistance up to 150 metres, with many models under that banner functioning even deeper into those dark depths. The Ultra Deep range can reach an outstanding 6,000 metres, going above and beyond (perfect for those deep-sea adventurers!). Additional luxury features include a luminescent watch face to read the dial in the dark and a helium valve that helps prevent the crystal case from shattering against the pressure during diving escapades.

Styles To Suit Everyone

OMEGA Seamaster watches come in various flavours and designs; no matter your taste, you will undoubtedly find one that calls out to you. If you are looking for an everyday wear piece, check out the Diver and Planet Ocean ranges that tick the boxes for the adventurous but are also mindful of the heritage. James Bond actors have sported various models in the Omega Seamaster collection since 1995 (starting with Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye).

The Aqua Terra (which I own and have reviewed here) perfectly blends a sports watch and a timeless everyday accessory. Each watch face type can have the strap changed to fabric, rubber, leather or even the metal bracelet extended if required. Additionally, the brand offers an ‘Ultra Light’ version, making it more comfortable to wear regularly.

Exceptional Timekeeping

OMEGA is one of the world’s most established watchmakers, so it is only natural that their watches produce exceptional timekeeping during wear. The COSC-certified chronometer calibres used on each Seamaster ensure you can put complete trust that your watch will provide time that is both reliable and accurate (making sure you are on time for that big business meeting or, more crucially, that important evening date!). Boosting this even further is the knowledge that the OMEGA Seamaster collection is recognised as Master Chronometers, designated by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new watch, the OMEGA Seamaster is undoubtedly a top choice (I’ve been wearing mine regularly for over ten years!). What are your thoughts on this particular model? Do you have a specific favourite? Let me know in the comments section below.


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