Wils Fabrik Wooden Watch Review

Wils Fabrik Wooden Watch Review

As you know, I’m a massive fan of all sorts of watches, with so much scope for new designs and styles, there is always something new to pique my interest! In particular, I’m always keen to see the latest wooden watches on the market. This new phenomenon has been steadily building momentum, with many new upcoming brands releasing their own models crafted from wood. Wils Fabrik is one brand which stands out from the crowd with their large selection of time pieces.

Wils Fabrik has an innovative story behind its production, the brand believes in sustainable products. However unlike their competitors who plant trees to replace those lost, they have taken the novel idea of helping children from Africa (from where the trees came) to receive an education. For each of their watches sold, they guarantee a child will receive 3 books to help them learn and have a chance of a future.

After being introduced to the brand and their range of watches, we teamed up to review a couple of their newest designs on my mens fashion blog. I decided on 2 different styles, the Vegan in Maple and the Extrovert in Red Sandalwood. I found both to be very beautiful in person, no flaw or fault could be found and the wooden texture was surprisingly smooth to touch, combined with its light weight, gives the wearer a very comfortable experience.

Out of the 2 choices, I would pick the Vegan in Maple as my personal favourite. Its lighter shade is quite uncommon and would pair easily with those summer outfits with the approaching sunny days just around the corner! This is not to say the darker model is any less special, it has a gorgeous classic wooden colour, but is much more suited to evening wear or a special occasion.

The high production levels don’t cease with the watch, the box itself is a work of art. Each piece is hand carved and the drawer is a perfect snug fit which glides open effortlessly. The brands name and logo is printed onto the top of the box for the finishing touch. Additionally, Wils Fabrik offer a personalisation service, each watch and box can have your name or whatever you choose engraved onto them, perfect for a surprise gift!

So in summary, I’m incredibly happy with the quality and design of each watch and I gladly recommend Wils Fabrik to anyone in the market for a new time piece! Be sure to check out their current collection now!


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