3 Most Comfortable Designer Underwear Briefs For Men

3 Most Comfortable Designer Underwear Briefs For Men

No matter what outfit a man wears on the outside, strip away all of their style and fashion ideas, we are left with the same question! Finding stylish underwear which is also comfortable for daily wear. There is nothing worse than finding out your new pair of designer briefs are causing you discomfort, potentially ruining your daily activities. With this in mind, I have chosen my top 3 choices of stylish men’s briefs.

When it comes to men’s designer underwear, there is a huge minefield of dangerous traps and pitfalls to succumb to if you are not careful. The market share still favours the huge, baggy and largely unflattering boxer short which hit its peak towards the end of the 1990’s. Unfortunately, that style of underwear currently has many more options available in terms of colours, patterns and designs (pet peeve of mine!). Next, we have the more modern boxer brief, which features additional fabric down the leg (akin to very short, shorts). But my personal favourite style of underwear has been the humble brief, this classic design still holds a high level of popularity, thanks to the large amount of choice available (even so, it is still dwarfed in comparison to boxer shorts and boxer briefs).

Sometimes, many brands will include an extra feature to my favoured underwear choice… the dreaded Y-Front flap hole at the front! This particular extra should have been banished to the history books a long time ago! In my opinion, it has never been useful and in fact can make simple daily tasks much more complicated. Another annoying design choice I avoid is when a brand lovingly creates a colourful or patterned brief, then ruins it by opting to make the inside of the pants solid white! What was wrong with the cool outside colour matching on the inside? In my opinion, this is a large flaw which ages the underwear much faster. White material tends to age much faster, especially when washed regularly and can quickly appear grey and old. Something you would prefer to avoid when trying impress someone with your underwear choices!

Thanks to my years of experience with designer briefs, I have compiled a list of my top 3 pairs in terms of comfortability and design!

Calvin Klein Briefs

The Calvin Klein brand has been synonymous with men’s designer underwear since Marky Mark famously wore their white boxers in the early 90’s! Since that iconic moment, the CK brand has provided men across the globe with stylish undergarment choices. It is only fitting that Calvin Klein Briefs are top of the list!

Go simple and sleek with their simple plain black pairs with contrasting white waistband for an effortlessly cool look. Alternatively take a look at their more vibrant solid coloured options, adding a pop of flourish to liven up your underwear drawer. Whichever you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will also be the most comfortable choice. CK briefs always offer plenty of space with a medium rise to ensure a relaxing fit, not to mention a varied selection of material choices so there is plenty of airflow and breathability. If you are in the market for a pair of briefs, Calvin Klein is the way to go.

  • Iconic Underwear Brand
  • Large Range Of Styles
  • Huge Colour Choices
  • Selections Of Fabrics
  • Medium Rise

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Diesel has always been proud of their fashion-forward heritage, you only need to look at their range of denim to see that they are a firm believer in pushing that barrier of design and style to the next level. The same can be said for their underwear catalogue, offering a huge selection of bold abstract choices and patterns. In fact, the majority of their designer briefs boast eye-popping colours with contrasting waistbands that you would never dream of normally pairing together! Yet, for underwear, it somehow just works.

Fortunately, the Italian brand has not let the side down in terms of comfort, however, they do fit slightly slimmer with a much lower rise than their American counterparts. This does not hinder their wearability in any way, just make sure to grab the pairs which do not feature the dreaded Y-Front hole! (on occasion Diesel have seen fit to include this outdated look on some of their briefs). Overall, Diesel firmly holds onto the 2nd spot for designer underwear.

  • Italian Style
  • Quirky Designs
  • Bold Colours
  • Low Rise
  • Some Pairs Feature Outdated Y-Front Design

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Finally, we have Armani, famed for their classic Italian style, yet often can be overlooked when it comes to underwear. Their designs are mostly sleek and minimal with matching waistbands, featuring their iconic eagle logo. On occasion, they do offer more flamboyant pieces, but for the most part, they are the go-to brand for understated cool. However, if you are looking for some to really stand out, perhaps you should look at a different brand.

I consider them another winner in terms of comfort, long days out and about do not hinder the relaxing feel of their briefs. They definitely deserve their spot at number 3, thanks to their use of quality materials, ensuring a luxurious feel when worn.

  • Classic High End Brand
  • Understated
  • Sleek Design
  • Luxurious Feel
  • No Stand Out Designs

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Overall, I consider all of these brands market leaders when it comes to men’s comfortable designer briefs. Each brand clearly has a winning system when it comes to style and comfort, with only Diesel and Armani possessing a couple of negative points, which are just minor problems which can be overlooked. Calvin Klein has pretty much nailed it, I have never come across a pair which has caused me to regret an underwear purchase! But, whichever of my top 3 brands you choose, you will certainly be satisfied each time you decide to wear them.

Which is your favourite brand for men’s underwear? Do you share my opinion and experiences with these brands? Please let me know in the comments section of my men’s fashion blog below!


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