Essential Summer Styles Update

Essential Summer Styles Update

With summer here to stay, it’s time to finally pack away those heavy coats and jumpers in favour of that warm-weather wardrobe! In my latest article, I check out a few simple ways to embrace seasonal trends to upgrade your summer outfits.

Baggy Trousers

The 90s trend of baggy trousers is finally back in full swing, largely pushed aside in favour of skinny fits (although I am still a big fan of that look!). The looser fits have hit almost every category, from jeans, cargo pants and even summer shorts, enabling you to have a fully stocked capsule collection that is simple, effective, and lets you stay cool and stylish.

When the day is hot, looser fitting styles help you to combat that sticky heat, especially if you otherwise would be wearing skinny or slim fits. Opt for a plain or patterned shirt with espadrilles or sandals for a laid-back chic look; alternatively, level up with a crisp white shirt, fitted blazer and loafers for a fantastic evening getup.

Statement Tees

One of the best things about the warmer weather is that you can easily rock a cool statement t-shirt, brightening up a standard casual outfit or pairing it with tailored trousers and blazers for a smart-casual style. Some designer brands are at the top of their game with graphic prints and slogans. For example, an Alexander McQueen T-shirt paired with distressed jeans, shorts, slim-fit joggers, or baggy trousers would be an inspired look.

Additionally, you can add some layers to your tee for extra depth to your style, such as oversized shirts (worn open), cardigans or even jackets so you can be prepared for any changes in the weather. Cropped tees are currently in favour this season (however, not my personal style), but the classic skater designs are also a big hit.

Double Denim

Denim will never go out of fashion (even though so-called fashion experts seem to predict its demise constantly!), yet double denim has its equal share of fans and critics. If you love 90s fashions, you will be in your element with this trend – from jeans with a denim shirt or a denim jacket paired with matching cut-off shorts. Another option is to mix and match washes and shades for a standout look (if totally matching is not for you!). Many will choose to rock a whole stonewash outfit; however, mixing it up with a vintage black denim piece can be a real head-turner.

Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine dressing is precisely what it says on the tin, creating outfits that make you look and feel great. Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain, producing natural feelings of happiness and boosting energy levels. As summer is renowned for bright colours, funky prints, neon colours and a swash of patterns clashing off each other, you can use this to your advantage when upping your dopamine levels. Select bright and bold colours in green, yellow, pink and super vivid hues of purple and blue!

Use The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air or Saved By The Bell to inspire your colour palettes, and you will be golden! Many summer catwalks have followed suit, including several tie-dye and floral styles and various colour-blocked pieces.

With these summer tips under your belt, you will be more than ready to look the part throughout the season and stay cool too! What are your thoughts on my latest fashion article? Let me know in the comments section below!


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